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Sales productivity means the maximisation of sales results by minimising the costs, working hours and resources spent on sales work. With higher sales productivity, the company gets more revenue while investing less funds, time and other resources on sales.

Do you struggle with productivity?

Highly effective sales organisations are able to serve several customers at the same time. According to a research by the Bridge Group, up to 65% of B2B sales organisations have issues with sales productivity. Even if your organisation is one of them, there is no need to panic. A solution does exist.

“You are not alone. Up to 65% of B2B sales organisations have poor sales productivity.”

Don’t blame the salespeople

When sales productivity goes down, it is easy to point the finger at salespeople. It is true that some of your salespeople are less productive than others. Top salespeople are few and far between. However, when trying to improve sales productivity, the emphasis should be on the people that need support instead of the ones that are already making it. Helping your less productive salespeople excel will have the biggest impact on your sales productivity. Salespeople spend time on tasks that are not related to their sales work and could be delegated to someone else. By reassessing workflows and eliminating all inessential work, you can make a great difference in terms of sales productivity.

1. Train and Orientate

As the business grows, at some point the company needs to hire more sales workforce. The most critical factor in the productivity of new salespeople is the quality of training and orientation they are provided. It might take up to 7–9 months for new salespeople to reach their full capacity. During the training, the salesperson receives a massive amount of information but fully absorbs only about 10% of it. At this point, the salesperson might not be able to deliver a good customer experience.

“Continuous orientation can increase a salesperson’s results by up to 50%”

Continuous orientation can increase a salesperson’s results by up to 50%.  A simple and effective way of familiarising your salespeople with their daily work is to make sure that all materials they need are stored in a single location and saved in a format that allows for fast and easy browsing. A tablet device equipped with Showell’s sales presentation app is an incredible tool for that purpose. Using Showell, your salespeople can read and learn about their products and services wherever, whenever and even offline. They have fast and easy access to the information that would otherwise be forgotten after the initial training period. This solution comes in handy for all salespeople, whether old or new. It also saves the company a lot resources and money as well as the instructors’ working hours.

2. Automate workflow

Did you know that only a third of a sales team’s working hours is spent on actual sales work? The rest is spent on non-productive administrative tasks. More time on sales work does not necessarily mean spending more time on acquiring new customers. The hours saved can also be used to provide better service to existing customers, thus enhancing customer experience.

One easy way to save hours at work is to automate the distribution of sales presentation materials. When the sales team no longer needs to waste time searching for and creating presentations, an individual salesperson might save up to 2–3 workdays a month, according to research. Another time saver is a set of tools that makes reporting during and after a customer meeting faster and easier.

3. Give more convincing sales presentations

Sales material can either make or break the deal. In up to 95% of closed deals, the content that the customer has seen and received has had a big impact on the decision making process. Content and material have a continuous influence throughout the whole buying process. They can be used to acquire leads and to further refine them. When the customer has meet the salesperson for the first time, they are expecting a convincing sales presentation.

In a nutshell, Close cooperation between sales and marketing, clear definition and delegation of responsibilities in management and distribution of content, along with the best sales presentation tools for your sales team will boost your sales.

40% of all sales material cannot be put to good use if salespeople can’t find it or don’t even know it exists. The creation of sales material takes up a lot of time and money, and therefore it is important to make the most of the materials made throughout the entire sales process. In today’s world, Its quite obviouse that the best tool for a salesperson is one that provides easy access to the latest materials and helps present them in a smooth and impressive way.

“40% of all sales material cannot be put to good use if salespeople can’t find it or don’t even know it exists.”

4. Measure and track sales performance

Nowadays, there are countless methods and tools for measuring sales performance. The measuring itself is rather straightforward. The issue is how to gather data and to define which data is useful when further developing sales procedures to enhance productivity. Salespersons are usually the ones responsible for the collection of data. For that, they need tools that are easy to use and possibly even automated.

Want to make data collection easier and more effective? Equip your sales team with a digital survey tool. That way, your salespeople will know which questions to ask, and the data is consistent and uniform.

Need a way to have your reps report on thier sales action. Get a reporting form. Looking for an quick solution to get feedback from customers? Create a text message survey.

Wondering if there is a tool that incorporates all these features? The name is Showell. Use Showell’s sales presentation app to perform all these servics – plus a whole lot more – including: keeping track of the presentations shown to each customer, the most popular presentations, and the option to see the salespeople with the most customer meetings!

5. Arm your sales team with the best tools

Too often the sales team is equipped with insufficient tools. It is a huge mistake to believe that a convincing manner and mere showmanship equals efficient sales work. In many fields, products and services are becoming increasingly complex, with large comprehensive solutions and supplementary services. Many companies don’t provide their salespeople with sufficient tools that would allow them to easily access, browse and enter customer data and to create reports during and after sales meetings. Or maybe the existing tools are so difficult to use that the sales team doesn’t want to waste time and effort on them.

Simplifying the sales tools will get you the best results. The sales team can make the most out of devices that are easy to use and lightweight. Therefore, a tablet is a better choice for customer meetings than a laptop. In addition to the device itself, you’ll need applications for giving sales presentations, mapping customer needs, reporting and entering customer data into the CRM. Productive sales is the cornerstone of any business. It is worth every investment.

Sami Suni

Sami Suni

Showell CEO & Founder

Sami has over 15 years of experience in the development of digital services. His founding company Showell, develops sales tools that help keep all sales materials up to date and allow sales teams to give convincing and flowing presentations.