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Use Tablets With a Customer

5 tips for tablet use in customer-facing interaction

Use Tablets With a Customer

Tablet devices are excellent for sales presentations. They are lightweight and easy to carry around, they have enough battery life to last the entire day, and they are easy and fast to use.

When equipped with a sales presentation application, such as Showell, the tablet transforms into a real power tool for salespeople. With these 5 practical tips and tricks, you can make the best use of your tablet in sales meetings.

1. Keep the screen clean

Remember to clean your tablet screen regularly with a microfibre cloth. Fingerprints and smudges give a bad impression of you and the company you represent. If you always carry a microfibre cloth with you, your’re able to even during a meeting quickly wipe the screen clean.

Fingerprints and smudges give a bad impression of you and the company you represent

2. Go off-line and turn on the ‘Do not disturb’ mode

If you don’t need an internet connection, turn on the ‘Airplane’ mode and the ‘Do not disturb’ mode. This will save battery life and prevent any messages from other applications, family members or friends from popping up on the screen during your presentation. When you use Showell for your sales presentation, you don’t need an internet connection.

3. Bring adapters to connect an external monitor to your device

Remember to bring along all necessary adapters to connect a television or a projector to your tablet. You will probably need two different adapters, one for VGA and one for HDMI. Use the HDMI whenever you can. It gives you a higher picture quality than VGA. Label the adapter with your name and contact information, as adapters are expensive and easily left behind.

Label the adapter with your name, as adapters are expensive and easily left behind

4. Carry a power adapter or a power bank with you

Since the tablet’s battery often has enough juice to get through the day, it is easy to forget to charge it. Like the device itself, also power adapters are small and lightweight, and so it is a good idea to always carry one with you. Another convenient alternative is a power bank that allows you to charge your device even when you don’t have access to a power supply – whether on the plane, on the train, or abroad.

5. Practice your note-taking technique

Plan ahead in good time before the meeting on how you will take notes. Some users prefer to attach their tablets to a physical keyboard. The accessory keyboard also functions as a prop to the device and protects the screen when folded down. You can also use the tablet’s virtual keyboard for typing, but mastering that technique requires a bit more practice. Showell’s notepad feature allows you to take notes during your presentation.

Try out different methods and choose the one that best suits you. In some cases even the good old-fashioned pen and paper might be the best choice, but it is a good idea to type the notes to a digital form soon after the meeting.