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Best tips for an successful online meeting:

  • Compare service providers and weigh the starting points of your organization.
  • Test the start, technical features – mike, screen sharing, connection – and smooth end to a meeting with a colleague and evaluate the best way to have an online meeting
  • Be properly prepared for the meeting – do not underestimate the other party as they are investing their time in your business! 
  • Be yourself, listen and take notes, and schedule your next meeting!

Online meetings do not just save time

Today’s technology is very versatile: employees can do their work remotely, use train journeys to do work, and an F2F meeting can be topped off with a tailored presentation exceeding the client’s expectations – awesome! All of these bring new opportunities, but how else could we be more efficient and more productive?

For many, increasing efficiency sounds like something to be done at the expense of the employees, but I beg to differ. When we can provide salespeople with a more efficient way of scaling potential clients and dropping cases where it is not possible to produce added value already at an early stage, it opens up an opportunity to use the time more wisely.

When an online meeting is seen as a chance to conduct a needs assessment in a more efficient way, time is not the only thing that we can save. More efficient use of time is of course highly desirable in itself, but we can also talk about money. The financial savings for the company include, for example, the daily allowances saved and travel expenses. 


Online meetings increase motivation

Instead of salespeople using half or even a full workday on a single client meeting, they could do the same from their own workstation – even in less than an hour! Such savings are significant for the company. From the salespeople’s point of view, the fact that they can survey multiple prospects in one day gives more room for motivation: would you like to have one refusal a day or be turned down a few times and have interested contacts as a counterbalance?

¨Instead of using half or even a full workday on a single client meeting, they could do the same from their own workstation – even in less than an hour!”

Being able to survey multiple prospects in a shorter period opens the door to a whole new world: more time to focus on what is essential. With several meetings on the same day, the chance for a quicker response also increases. It is nice to book a hot prospect for the same week or even for the next day!

However, a quick response should not come at the expense of the quality of the meetings. A potential client reserving an hour for you tomorrow or in a few weeks does not change the fact that they are investing that time in your business. So do not underestimate the importance of the meeting, but conduct a high-quality initial assessment also for meetings that take place in a rapid time frame.


A decentralized organization in front of the same screen

Nowadays, the decision-makers of organizations do not necessarily sit in the same office – or even in the same country. This is easily solved with online meetings: over the network, the CEO from France and the COO from Finland can be invited to the same meeting! Everyone receives the same information at the same time, and the challenge of internal sales is reduced drastically. This opportunity can also shorten selling time when information can be distributed from day one in a centralized manner to all those involved in decision-making. Negotiations can continue locally, but the initial information and readiness to purchase can be determined right from the start.


How to get started?

Online meetings and starting them may seem like a daunting idea, but fortunately the threshold to getting started is low: there are several, even free service providers on the market and, taking the needs of the organization into account, there is sure to be suitable option for everyone. For example, many companies still use Skype today, and JoinMe and, among others, provide a great tool for arranging meetings.

Once the service provider has been selected, it is time to start practicing! You can have the first meeting with your colleague next door, for example. This will allow you to test how everything works and what you need to take into account in a online meeting in practice. A few practice meetings will take away the worst of your nervousness, and when it is time for the first real meeting, you will know how to prepare for the most likely technical challenges.

Hennariikka Alhovuori

Hennariikka Alhovuori

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