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Up to 50% of B2B salespeople do not reach their sales targets. The salespeople blame this on the marketing people and their bad leads. The marketing people blame it on the salespeople and their laziness and incompetence.

A closer cooperation between marketing and sales gives the organisation a chance to improve customer experience throughout the entire buying process. Even the best marketing efforts are pointless if the sales team fails to deliver a consistent customer experience in customer meetings and encounters.

Customer experience in sales work

If the marketing team has nailed the job and evoked the customers’ interest and gained their trust, the customers expect a corresponding performance of the sales team. According to IDC, 57% of customers think that salespeople are poorly or not at all prepared for the first meeting. Salespeople seem to lack the full ability to adjust the solutions and the sales presentation to match the customer’s needs.

Whether the salesperson is able to close the deal or not is a combination of many factors. The good news is that you can improve your sales team’s figures by focusing on preparation, by utilising relevant tools, by better targeting the marketing efforts, and by further refining existing leads. When it comes to leads, it is better to concentrate on quality rather than on quantity. With successful marketing efforts, these existing leads have already enjoyed a good customer experience.

In sales meetings, the salespeople can either enhance or hinder customer experience by preparation, overall appearance, tools, presentation, and the ability to adjust to the situation and to engage in meaningful dialogue. If there is a glitch in any one of these, such as dysfunctional technology, not even the best preparation or appearance will help you make the sale.

Tools for a better customer experiance 

The easiest way to help your salespeople provide a better customer experience is to give them a tool that allows them to access all presentation materials without having to retrieve or produce the materials themselves. This will help them allocate their time more efficiently. Less time spent on management of materials means more time on actual sales work and customer encounters. With better resources and more time, your salespeople can better serve the customers.

“Before a customer meets a salesperson for the first time, over half of the sales process will have already been thought through.”

A smoother customer meeting and presentation

A sales meeting can greatly contribute to the closing of the sale. In today’s world, before a customer meets a salesperson for the first time, over half of the sales process will have already been thought through. When a salesperson is invited to meet the customer, the chances are that he or she is already among the top three candidates. In that case, a technically functional and interactive sales presentation can either make or break the deal. The sales team should be provided with modern sales presentations and tools to make the presentation process smooth and flowing.

Customers truly appreciate it when a salesperson shows interest in their wishes and needs. So, the ability to collect data about the factors behind the customers’ buying decision is a skill to be sort after.

Three ways to enhance customer experience

Customer experience could be the crucial factor in closing the deal, so it is worth every investment.

1. Keep the materials in one place and up to date

Store all the sales materials in a single, easy-access location. Make sure they are up to date, ready to use and in accordance with the company’s visual identity. When your salespeople spend less time on the production and management of materials, they can spend more time on customer encounters.

2. Give your salespeople a tool for sales presentations

Provide your salespeople with a sales presentation tool that is fast and easy to use. Keep in mind that the tool has to work even when there is no access to the Internet.

3. Collect data of the factors influencing the customers’ buying decision

Arm your salespeople with a tool that allows them to collect crucial data of the customers’ buying decision process during the meeting

According to Peppers & Roberts Group, 81% of companies that actively contribute to customer experience in all stages of buying make more profit than their competitors.

Focus on quality

It is difficult, if not downright impossible, to provide an optimal customer experience to all customers at the same time. Thus, it makes sense to target the marketing procedures at carefully selected target audiences. It is easier to provide high quality service to a small and selected customer audience. If the marketing team in charge of lead generation is only interested in numbers, the focus is way off the target. Instead of focusing on quantity, you should be focusing on the quality of leads.

With the help of modern marketing tools, such as web analytics and marketing automation, you are able to distinguish those who are targeted by accident from those who are serious about buying. Target-oriented marketing and focus on customer experience will make the work of the sales team easier and more effective. The leads that come in might be fewer but they are further refined high-quality leads.


Showell is a modern sales tool that allows your salespeople to give sales presentations wherever, whenever. The marketing department can be made responsible for keeping the materials up to date and making sure the presentations are in line with the company’s strategy and visual identity. With the easy data collection tool provided by Showell, you gain deeper understanding of the customers’ wishes and needs, and can better serve them in the following stages.

Sami Suni

Sami Suni

Showell CEO & Founder

Sami has over 15 years of experience in the development of digital services. His founding company Showell, develops sales tools that help keep all sales materials up to date and allow sales teams to give convincing and flowing presentations.