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When selling a lot of products with many variations, Showell is the perfect tool to keep sales materials up-to-date and always at hand. For your team and for your customers.

Why Showell?

Construction industry is huge one. It accounts for more than 10% of global GDP. Companies are facing fierce competition so differentiating and finding the right solution from a large product portfolio is not a always easy. Many times big part of the profit comes from selling installation and maintenance services. For demanding and high-value solution selling sales reps need to be able to have all their sales materials like product catalogues, reference images, videos and service presentations always at hand. With Showell your sales can:

  • Access material for a large product portfolio in one place
  • Enable high-value solution selling and cross-selling
  • Visualize with reference pictures, 3D models and videos
  • Use smart tools like savings calculators
  • Make sharing relevant content easier

Boost your sales with AR

Many times it is hard to explain things that aren’t there before they are built. That’s why many teams use augmented reality as a part of their presentations. That is one of the coolest ways to bring ideas to life in sales meetings. With Showell AR it is easy to impress your customer.

Secrets for the perfect virtual meeting

The amount of virtual meetings has increased rapidly in modern sales. They save time, money and the nature – only because the unnecessary travelling is cut off. You can benefit from Showell in your virtual meetings too. Using Showell increases sales efficiency, saves time and money. But it also delivers a significantly better customer experience.

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Showell is a powerful sales enablement platform that helps to activate the right content at the right time. It saves time, improves buyer experience, speeds up onboarding and makes continuous learning easy and efficient.

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