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Deliver the right content to your sales reps, dealers and partners. Engage professional buyers with a professional sales tool and sell value and ROI over features at the every step of a buying journey.

Create Trust to Win Sales

Factories, refineries, power plants and other industrial facilities are customers for many high and low technology equipment and tool manufacturers. To keep a production running at its optimal level, there is a great demand for assembly robots, CNC-machines, power tools, calibrators, belts, welding tools, safety equipment and many other products. Because buyers are professionals, trust plays a big part in successful sales. Thanks to Showell’s powerful sales enablement features, all your customer-facing employees, dealers and distributors are equipped with the right content and ready to build trust in every customer interaction.

Key Benefits

Deliver content easily

Showell helps to deliver all your customer-facing employees, dealers and distributors all the right, on-brand and up-to-date presentations, product information and training content they need to build trust and win sales.

Add value and sell ROI

Showell makes it fast and easy to show and share customer a tailored presentation and an information package that is based on their unique requirements. It helps to add value, sell ROI and influence every decision maker.

Boost learning & training

Showell is a great learning and training platform. It not only makes finding every brochure, presentation, data sheet, sales campaign, video or image super convenient, but also helps to management to communicate better with every member of their team about new products, campaigns and other changes.

Selected Customers

Process industry calibrators

Beamex manufactures industrial calibrators that are used by over 12,000 companies in 139 countries.

Glass processing machines

Glaston is a Nasdaq OMX listed company that produces high-quality glass processing machines on 3 continents.

Welding systems

Pemamek is a global welding and production automation provider with offices in Europe, North America and South America.

Production technologies

Maillefer, part of Davis-Standard, is the global leader in wire, cable, pipe and tube production technologies.


Habasit is the worldwide number one in the belting industry with a global presence in over 70 countries.

Textile and tire cord Machines

Benninger is the global leader in manufacturing technologically advanced textile and tire cord solutions.