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You have probably noticed that many software solutions come with a lot of irrelevant features that no-one really uses. The word CRM has almost become a swear word for salespeople. An expensive investment can turn into a complete disaster, if it fails to make daily work and routine tasks easy and effortless. At its best, technology can help speed up or even automate daily sales tasks and enhance customer experience. All you need to do is choose tools that are simple enough to use.

Choose the right tools for sales work

Nearly half of all companies still use email to share and distribute materials and to communicate with their salespeople. The first step is to shake off that habit. While email might be a useful method of communication, it definitely is not an efficient tool for sharing and storing files. Many file storage cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive, are also inefficient unless the structure is well designed and the user rights and management responsibilities clearly delegated. They are designed not so much as sales tools but as general file storage locations. As such, they lack the necessary features to boost the sales team’s working efficiency.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo Da Vinci

How many different products do we need?

Many companies purchase several products and systems, often with overlapping features. This only makes the situation worse and causes the salespeople to reject all new tools. Could your salespeople manage their work with just a few good tools? If you ask them, the answer is probably ‘yes’. Once you have defined your salespeople’s most important tasks and duties, you can then choose the right tools for the work. Email and calendar functions are already set, but other tools require a bit more consideration.

Managing leads and customer data

Leads and customer data are managed using a CRM system. The system should be easy and fast to use, and a single data entry should not require too many clicks. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. However, there are better solutions on the market. A great time saver is a system that allows salespeople to update the CRM during customer meetings. One useful solution is Showell that is connected to a CRM system. Then you’ll only need that single tool for giving presentations, collecting data and updating the CRM.

Sales presentations

A good tool allows the salesperson to give a convincing and fluent sales presentation. A high quality sales presentation contributes to better customer experience. A good customer experience will make you rise above your competitors. The sales presentation tool needs to provide a quick and easy access to the right presentation for each occasion, even when there is no internet connection. A tablet device is a handy tool for giving presentations, because it is suitable for many different types of customer encounters. The presentations can be browsed through and displayed using a downloadable application, such as Showell.

Reporting customer meetings

Typically, related reporting is done after the customer meeting. Sometimes it doesn’t get done until the following day. Some salespeople still take notes using pen and paper, and entering the data into the CRM system later on requires extra work. Reporting takes the least time and effort when it is done during the customer meeting. A good tool for the purpose is a report form in conjunction with the Showell sales application. The form provides prepared questions that allow the collection of uniform information and data during the meeting. The form can be filled out together with the customer, for instance. A thorough mapping of the customer’s needs doesn’t go unappreciated. A consistent method of data collection guarantees a more efficient targeting and timing of further procedures.

Sharing materials with your customer

After the meeting, customers might need brochures, pictures, videos or other presentation material to support their buying decision. The easiest way to distribute the required material is to share it during the meeting. That saves time for both parties, and the salesperson can be sure that the material really reached the customer. If the materials are online, the salesperson can guide the customer to the correct location. However, if the materials are in the possession of the salesperson only, you’ll need a tool for sending the files via email without jamming the customer’s inbox. With Showell, for instance, your salespeople can quickly and elegantly share files during the meeting.

“The best sales tool is simple, easy to use and specially developed for sales work.”

Which tool is the best choice for me?

There are plenty of solutions out there that claim to be ‘intelligent’. Some people might recommend to you a document management system or an add-on for your CRM. Others may tell you that Dropbox is everything you’ll ever need.

The problem is that tools that are originally designed for the management of customer data or the storing of large number of files rarely match the needs of your salespeople. These tools are often very complex to use and have way too many features, and therefore cannot be put to efficient use in daily work. The use of tools that are developed for purposes other than sales work requires a set of specific rules, plenty of orientation, and often too much compromise.

The best tool for sales purposes is one that is simple, easy to use and specially developed for sales work. The Showell tool matches all these requirements. It stores all sales materials in a single location guaranteeing easy access for the entire sales team and easy presenting to the customer wherever and whenever. Showell allows you to share and present materials, take notes, collect leads and customer needs, track the use of the tool, and distribute the materials to the customer via email.

Sami Suni

Sami Suni

Showell CEO & Founder

Sami has over 15 years of experience in the development of digital services. His founding company Showell, develops sales tools that help keep all sales materials up to date and allow sales teams to give convincing and flowing presentations.