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Enterprise Features & Security

Make Showell an essential part of your sales workflow. Showell integrates with various systems and technologies.

Better Connected, More Productive

Share knowledge, communicate better, save time and drive higher ROI. Showell streamlines your sales and marketing workflow throughout the entire buyer’s journey. It connects with your essential systems, workflows and technologies.

single-neutral-id-card-3 CRM Automatically log meeting data such as notes, presented and shared content to your CRM.  
advertising-megaphone Marketing Automation Gain insight and add value through the buyer's journey by sharing and tracking content.  
send-email Email Influence all decision makers with relevant content. Combine, share and track. Compatible with Outlook and Gmail.  
professional-network-linkedin LinkedIn Boost social selling process by sharing relevant content to potential prospects on LinkedIn.  
cloud-sync Content Syncing (DAM) Sync files from your existing cloud storage/DAM solution to Showell or vice-versa.  
password-lock-1 Single-Sign-On Connect your Azure AD or another user identity management system and make user management and signing easier and more efficient.  
meeting-monitor-webcam Screen Sharing Start an online meeting and use Showell to easily find and show the right presentation to engage and captivate your audience.   
os-system-microsoft MS Office 365 Editing Edit and present MS Office files (PowerPoint, Word...) without changing the original version.  
connector-1 Custom Integrations Develop smart tools and integrations with Showell's robust API and SDK.  

Build for global organizations

Thanks to Showell's multi-account support you can have different content, users and structure for every language, market area or business unit. 

Certified and audited security

Showell offers enterprise-level security by default. Your data is stored in ISO27001 certified, secure and fast cloud. System-wide security has been audited by 3rd party. Showell is GDPR (EU) and CCPA (California privacy act) compliant.

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