Easy, Powerful and Lightning Fast Sales Enablement Platform.

Showell consists of Showell Admin, Showell App and Analytics. Showell Admin is where you manage content, users, permissions and settings. Showell App is what your sales reps use to browse, search, present, create and share content. With Showell’s Analytics you keep track of your sales team’s activities. Enterprise-ready , Showell has an API for integrations, e.g. SSO, CRM, DAM. It also provides a full support for HTML5 apps, e.g. forms, calculators, configurators, and other interactive content like animations and 3D.

Showell Admin

Central cloud storage for all your sales materials. Upload and organise PowerPoints, PDF’s, videos, images. Let your reps know what’s new and notify them by sending push / email messages. Manage users and set permissions. Control your Showell account’s branding, e.g. logo, colors, images and front page. Access analytics and track your sales team’s activities.. and more. 


Showell App

Use Showell app to quickly find, open and show captivating presentations. The app comes with a user interface that matches your brand and sales process!  Easily create and edit customer-driven presentations. Share your files and presentations to your customer via email. Take notes, annotate, draw and capture leads or other data, on the spot – even offline. 

Your Brand Look and Feel

Do you want an app that is customized to match your brand’s visual look? Do you want the best user experience without having to spend a small fortune? Showell provides all the capabilities to make your app unique and to create an incredible “wow-effect” in sales meetings. Show well and sell better.


Showell App features

Use Offline

All materials are stored on the device, so a poor or missing Internet connection will not affect presentations at all.

Use with Speed

In Showell, presentations, videos and pictures open in an instant. The user experience is excellent under all circumstances.

Zoom in to Details

Showell supports touch gestures that support the presentation, such as zooming. Small text etc. can be enlarged to full screen size.

Draw & Annotate

Use your finger or a pen to draw and highlight important points in your presentation.

Take Notes

Take notes during your presentation by dictating, writing, taking photos or drawing. Share notes to your customer via e-mail.

Create Presentation Decks

Create your own presentation packages from brochures, videos, pictures and other materials uploaded to Showell and save them for later use.

Find Content Fast

The search function allows you to quickly find the document, video or picture you need by providing keywords.

Share via E-mail

Share your chosen materials with your customer by e-mail. They will receive a link to your company-branded download page.

Showell Admin features

Upload Files

Sales materials uploaded through the Showell Content Management are delivered instantly to your users in the Showell App.

Organize Files

You can organize material into views and folders and change their order easily by ”dragging” with your mouse.

Manage Users

Add, remove and modify Showell users via the Content Management Panel. Form groups from these users in order to give privileges.

Set Permissions

By setting privileges to particular groups, you can define what each user in what group can see and who has the right to manage the contents and structure of a view.

Show Private Content

With our private content feature, your users are able to upload files that are visible only for them in their Showell App.

Customize the Visual Look

Customize your Showell App appearance with your own wallpapers, icons, logo and color – or choose suitable ones from Showell’s gallery.

Send Notifications

When there is something new available, inform your users of the changes by sending them a push message directly to their device’s screen.

Analyze Usage

Showell’s smart sales analytics tells you how, where and who’s using Showell and what the most popular contents are.

Robust, Scalable and Secure


Fast and Secure

Your data is stored in the secure and lightning fast cloud. Located naturally within the EU.

Smart Sales Tools

Use Showell’s HTML5 capabilities to capture leads, calculate prices and make product configurations on the spot.

Multi-Language Support

Showell supports multiple languages and accounts for businesses that operate in global markets.


Integrate Showell with your Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Dropbox, Google Drive or other systems with integration API.

Get your Showell App!

Available for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows 10 PC/Tablets. Showell account is required. Sign up now!