Premium Sales App

Create a “Wow-Effect” with Showell’s Premium custom visual interface. It matches your company’s brand and sales process while giving your sales reps and customers the best experience. Your custom sales app is built on robust Showell platform. It givbes you all the features needed to manage, distribute and present sales content. Professional face to face sales meetings. Even offline.

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Customized Home Screen

Custom home screen supports your company’s brand and sales process. In addition to the home screen, we can provide you other custom views also!

Smart Tools

With the help of HTML5, quickly find and collect customer related data, prices, benefits and other important information using forms, calculators, configurators etc.

Countries and Languages

Create separate accounts for different businesses or sales and language needs. Content and user management happens centrally.

Starts from just 3500 €

Price is a one-time fee and it includes the creation of the home page’s visual appearance and structure based on the customer’s brand & visual guidelines, products, services and sales process. 

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