Five tips that will make you a Star Seller

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Blog / free guide: 5 tips that will make you a star seller

Digitalization is rapidly changing our selling world. This change means that it is also time for traditional face-2-face selling to be renewed. To become a star seller you need new tools like Showell in order to keep up with our changing world and customer expectations.

Bad sales reps cost you money

A sales manager’s most important task is to help sellers make deals. Sellers who don’t do so will cost the company a lot of money. According to a research by Sales Benchmark Index, as many as 78% of sellers aren’t able to consistantly reach their goals. Badly performed and managed selling has many long-term direct and indirect consequences. In this guide, we will share these 5 tips that will make you and your team more effective with the use of Showell.

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5 tips you’ll find in this guide


  1. Stop wasting sales reps time
  2. Do constant training
  3. Be prepared and present fluently
  4. Make an impression in a sales meeting
  5. Find out what customer needs and report