Thousands of sellers from companies of all sizes and sectors are now making an impact thanks to Showell.

Lumene’s sales organization moved to today’s digitalization age with the help of Showell’s sales app. Thanks to Showell, customer work with chain stores has become easier and more efficient. Lumene also serves customers in their store using Showell.

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Fastems can now share sales materials to their global sales network even more efficiently with the help of Showell. Content is available to sales reps during sales meetings and even during flights. Not only is Showell used for sales presentations but also for internal training.

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The worlds’ best tractors are sold using only the best tools. Valtra’s digital vision is to incorporate Showell with the entire global sales network. In this way, up-to-date sales content is available in all customer interactions. Showell has been systematically extended from the Nordic countries to central Europe and is now in the hands of dealers in dozens of countries.

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Fredman (FKA Eskimo Finland) fights for the best flavours. To better accomplish this motto, Fredman renewed their sales with the help of Showell. It’s easy to point out customer benefits using videos and presentations. “Showell is absolutely the best sales tool I’ve ever had”, states Fredman’s sales manager Markku Lukkari.

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Medimatress provides products and services to Finnish healthcare systems. Sales materials are extensive and finding/remembering the right information during sales meetings had been a challenge. To help sales work, Medimattress began using Showell. Showell now keeps our sales material in a logical order meaning that finding the material we want is accomplished quickly and easily.

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There is no returning to the old paper age anymore now that Cutrin’s 12 sales representatives have begun benefiting from Showell’s sales app in customer work. Changing campaigns, new products and training materials are now found from Showell quickly and easily.

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Through the use of Showell, BTJ Finland’s library sales have benefited, quickened and changed to be more professional. Services and product sales now continue with ease and content is always up-to-date and easily found by sales reps.

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At Factor Nova Oy, we’ve been enjoying Showell’s versatility and style. Presenting our services with Showell happens visually and with impact. We use Showell also for research and finding leads. “The best thing about Showell is it’s stylish design and ease of use”, states Jarno Siitonen from Factor Nova.

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