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Sales is teamwork. Showell lets the whole team be more productive and more successful. It aligns sales and marketing. It empowers your reps. And it ensure that every meeting is smooth and convincing.

Showell For Sales Leaders

Leading sales teams isn’t easy. Research shows 42% of sales reps do not make their quotas. Performance drops when salespeople are not focused on selling, but rather on unproductive work such as finding and creating sales presentations. And if reps don’t have easy access to right sales content, they go to meetings unprepared and unarmed. But also quick ramp-up time of new sales reps and continuous training of all is important, but nearly 90% of training content is forgotten after one month. 

Benefits of Showell

  • It increases productive work and active sales time
  • It ensures sales reps are always well-prepared & armed with the right content
  • It helps sales reps close more deals thanks to a better buyer experience
  • It increases the performance of all sales reps through training
  • It makes ramp up of new sales reps 6X faster 
  • The analytics provide insight into how sales teams are performing


Showell For Marketing

Marketing often struggles with maintaining a consistent brand while delivering content to sales people. Studies show that 65% of content is not used by sales. Even in smaller companies, there are multiple places where collateral is stored, with sales people spending up-to 13 hours a week searching for and creating their own content. Not only does everyone have different ways to communicate – but problems escalate when sales teams are global across different cultures and business environments. The end result is sales reps leaving the office unprepared, unarmed. The brand deteriorates.

Benefits of Showell

  • It saves time with centralized sales content management and distribution
  • It ensures everyone is using the latest version with automatic push updates
  • It lets you communicate quicker
  • It keeps the brand and story consistent through the whole buying journey
  • It lets you use analytics to guide data-driven changes to your content

Showell For Sales Reps

65% of reps say they can’t find relevant content and 71% say meetings are unproductive and inefficient. It’s hard to stay focused on selling when collateral is scattered and buried. Sales reps too often go to meetings unprepared and unarmed. And their tools are not designed for customer-facing work. Meanwhile buyer’s expectations are high and they’re more self-educated than ever. The importance of a sales presentation is crucial as people tend to remember 80% of what they see. No wonder 85% of buyers feel that their meetings with sellers don’t bring enough value.

Benefits of Showell

  • It’s a sales tool that’s easy to use and lightning fast
  • It works on any device: tablet, smartphone, laptop – even offline
  • It lets you quickly access the best content for any sales situation
  • It increases the credibility of your message
  • It helps you sell a clear outcome 
  • It helps the buyer to influence all the decision-makers

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