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Equip every seller with the relevant content and knowledge to deliver winning customer experience in every meeting, anywhere and anytime.

Professional Sales Tool

Showell is a powerful and branded customer-facing sales presentation tool. You can easily find, present and share relevant sales collateral, from brochures, product cards, presentations and user manuals to videos, images and other materials. And thanks to Showell’s smart automatic update, only the latest content is easily available. Start presenting with Showell and captivate your audience in every meeting.

Your Brand Experience

Showell’s custom branded interface delivers an unforgettable customer experience. Showell is elegant and interactive but foremost, user friendly - making it fast and easy to find and activate the right content in any situation. Showell is designed for any customer-facing sales situation.

Tailored presentations

Save time by creating your own customer-driven slide decks in Showell. Select pages, slides or complete documents, videos and images. Use existing content in conjunction with your own presentations that you can directly upload to My Files in Showell App.

Share with customer

Share selected content and presentations with your customer. They will receive an email with a link to your company-branded download page. And when they access it, you'll get a notification making it easy and natural to follow-up.

Available on any device

Enjoy instant access to sales content no matter where you are and what device you’re using.
Smartphone / tablet / laptop / online

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