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Showell was founded in 2012 with a mission to build the best tool for modern sales teams in the world. Now thousands of users from hundreds of companies around the world use Showell in their meetings with customers.

In sales the problem is not the lack of supporting material. Rather the challenge is that the existing material is not used when meeting customers. Usually it is because it is too hard or it takes too long for a sales rep to find the right material for the situation at hand. Over time this causes two problems: First, the company’s brand and customer experience vary with each case. And second, the sales and marketing managers have no clue how and what the reps are selling to customers.

Showell is a solution for sales reps meeting buyers. Showell has two elements: Showell Admin, a browser-based cloud service and Showell App, a customer-meeting tool for sales reps.


Keep your team prepared and up to date

Showell Admin gathers sales materials into one place. It makes finding, sharing and organizing material genuinely easy and fast. You can decide whether to allocate shared material to everyone – or just certain sales reps. If needed, you can give sales reps the chance to edit certain presentations. In addition to all this, you can use Showell analytics to manage the sales process and the functioning of content.

Help the customer to buy

Showell App is easy to use and takes just minutes to learn. Brochures, product cards, presentations, user manuals, videos, images and other material are ready to use on all devices. Showell works on tablets, laptops and smartphones. All content is updated automatically on Showell and can be found in one place. Find and search for the materials you need in just seconds – even offline. 

Research shows that sales content leaves a more lasting impression when a sales encounter engages all five senses. The picture shows the main view seen by our customer, Valtra (AGDO Group), in Showell. Showell is used by over 500 Valtra sales reps in 20 countries around the world.


Showell is instantly ready – start using now

Showell is a genuine turnkey solution: it is not an IT project and does not require massive implementation projects, even in large organisations. In Showell Admin, you can easily create a structure suitable for your sales organisation, in line with your brand. In most cases, this takes no more than a few hours. Sales reps can start using Showell App as soon as they sign in, and learn their way around it in just minutes.

If you’d like to try Showell, it’s easy. Just start a Free Trial and you’ll know how it works and what it could do for your team.