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About Us

We're on a mission to change how customer-facing teams around the world engage and win customers. 

The Sales Enablement Company

Sales has changed tremendously over the last decade. Despite this change, the importance of meetings in often complex B2B sales, remains high. Our mission is to help every salesperson to exceed the new level of buyer expectations by arming them with an intuitive, fast and fun sales enablement tool – to keep sales in motion.  


The Story of Showell

Showell was founded in 2012 by two brothers, Sami and Juha Suni when they both worked in the same web development agency. The idea of Showell was born after a meeting, where the client asked how could they get sales and marketing collateral into the hands of their salespeople. Showell is a simple cure to problem that many b2b sales companies are struggling with. Today Showell is used by tens of thousands of sellers, and it's one of the leading sales enablement platforms with offices in Europe and US.  


Our Values

Showell is the home for passionate, talented and multinational individuals. We proudly call ourselves Showellians. And we're committed to providing the best service for our customers every day with a smile. Our core values are respect, ambition and teamwork. We respect our customers, competitors, partners and each other. We recognise that we can only succeed as a team. But we are also ambitious and work hard to deliver the best product in the world for our customers. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. 

"The Showell working environment is really good and you can depend on your colleagues. They provide you with everything you need and help you develop your skills and they listen when you share your ideas and opinion."
Gary MateerShowellian
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