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Our team is passionate and experienced with a mission to enhance every sales reps’ performance. Sales love Showell.

Keeping Your Sales in Motion

Sales has changed tremendously over the last decade. Digital material has surpassed printed material and buyers are more demanding and self-educated than ever because of the vast amount of information available in numerous channels.

Despite this change, the value of customer-facing meetings – especially in complex B2B sales – remains high. One might argue that it’s even higher than before because buyers are meeting with fewer sellers and buyer’s expectations are higher. The simple fact remains – people buy from people, not from companies.

We’re here to help your salespeople to meet and exceed the new level of buyer expectations they’re facing every day in those ever so valuable meetings.

How do we do that? We arm them with an intuitive, fast and fun sales enablement tool that holds up-to-date and on-brand sales collateral, ready for presenting, modifying and sharing in any meeting – online or offline.

Keeping sales in motion requires new kinds of tools. Tools that are designed and built for customer-facing work.

Best-in-Class Usability

When it comes to sales and marketing collateral, a large part is often left unused by a sales rep. Sales materials are buried and scattered around in different places.

Studies show that on average, content is located in 6 different places. It’s no wonder that 65% of sales reps say that they don’t even know where to find important sales presentations, let alone which ones are the latest!

We decided that something had to be done. So we created an elegant, fast and super easy to use sales enablement platform. It makes finding, presenting and sharing the right content during any meeting a breeze.

Sales Love Showell

Hundreds of satisfied customers and tens of thousands of users in over 20 countries use Showell to sell more productively.

Our mission is to enhance every sales reps’ performance. These reps have managed to save hundreds of hours of unproductive back-office work to increasing active sales time by up to 30%. All that, while keeping their brand in control and delivering a better buyer experience.

For many of our customers, Showell has become the most important sales tool they have.

Let’s show well and sell better together.

Sami Suni, CEO & Founder




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