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Equip your team with a best-in-class sales enablement experience & powerful and unique selling features. Flexible pricing for teams of all sizes.

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Showell is a perfect sales enablement solution for any size of team. It helps marketing to distribute sales collateral and sales reps to show convincing presentations and engage customers in any sales meeting – online or offline. And as your business grows Showell scales up and grows with you.

Standard features

Showell App: iPad / iPhone / Android / Windows 10 PC/Tablet

Use Showell app to quickly find, open and show captivating presentations. The app comes with a user interface that matches your brand and sales process!

Showell Admin

Central cloud storage for all your sales materials. Upload and organise PowerPoints, PDF’s, videos, images.

Showell Analytics

Putting your marketing resources where they are needed. Use Showell Analytics to find out which material is shared with whom and when - this helps you to manage your sales team better than ever.

Offline browsing and presenting

No internet? No problem. With Showell all your sales content is available anywhere, anytime - even offline.

User management and permissions

Whether your team is a small start-up or a global player, with Showell it is easy to manage your team licenses and users.

Basic branding: logo, color, backgrounds, thumbnails

Design Showell’s interface to meet your brand guide. Add your own logo, brand colors, background images and thumbnails and impress your customer with a solid brand in customer-facing interaction.

Cloud storage: 10GB cloud storage

Store and manage your material in Showell Admin. Showell is secure with storage that scales up easily if needed.

Free lifetime updates

Showell is a product that is constantly developed and updated. As a Showell customer you are guaranteed free lifetime updates now and always.


When you have a lot of sales material and demanding meetings, rely on Showell Search to quickly help you find the right content.

Presentation Creator

In today’s world, whoever targets their message the best - wins the deal. With Presentation Creator, collect the most relevant material from within your Showell App and create a custom experience for your customer while talking only about the things that matter to them.

Email sharing

After impressing your customer in a meeting with Showell, use the share feature to easily mail the presentation directly to that customer. You get noted when your customer opens the message or forwards it to other people.

Notifications (send notifications to users)

Do you have something important to share? With Showell you can send a notification to your team to make sure that everyone notices your update.

Notes and annotating / drawing

You are in a customer-facing interaction and your presenting via an external monitor when something important comes up; with Showell Notes, you can jot your thoughts down without disturbing your presentation. You can also draw on top of the documents that you are presenting - a handy way to underline or highlight points.

Kiosk mode with auto play

When you are in a fair or event, you can set Showell to Kiosk mode. In Kiosk mode Showell is locked to a certain view and can be used in that view only. You can hand out your device to your event visitor and let her see what's inside that view but not further. With auto play you can play a presentation so that the slides are changed automatically.

Customer Support (email/phone)

In case of any questions or problems about the product or how to use it, Showell customer support is here for you.
Premium features

On-boarding service (user and admin training)

To get the most out of Showell, it is crucial that the on-boarding goes well. To make sure that everything works smoothly from day 1, we offer an on-boarding service that can be tailored to your needs.

Fully branded front page (Theme)

Part of creating a perfect customer experience is to offer a solid brand message in all touch points with your customer. With Showell, you can get your front page fully branded so that it’s present at every customer-facing interaction your team has.

Private app distribution / MDM

Private app distribution is a good solution if you’re distributing Showell to a certain group of users. Sometimes it’s smart to use private app distribution for your internal team also. Apps can be distributed and managed through Mobile Device Management (MDM) or choose to provide redemption codes to your users.

Smart and interactive tools (configurators, forms etc.)

Take your sales process to a whole new level with smart and interactive content. Calculators, smart forms, configurators etc - not only have the power to impress your customers but also makes your sales process more efficient. Showell supports all HTML5 content that is used when such material is built.

Unlimited storage

Showell can scale your cloud storage as much as needed. All your stored material is safe and sound - no matter how much you have.

Advanced Analytics

In Showell advanced analytics you get an analytics dashboard that shows a detailed description of Showell usage activity. You are also able to access raw analytics data using our APIs.

MS Office editor

With MS Office editor you can open and edit your PowerPoint, Excel and Office documents from within Showell.

Custom slide templates for presentation creator

Need to create a title slide for your presentation? Use Showell’s custom slide templates while editing in Presentation Creator.

Multi-account support

Multi-account support means your company can ask for more than one account. This is recommended if e.g. you have content in other languages (one account for each language) or separate accounts for different branches or sectors. Sign in to all accounts with just one username and password.

Single sign-on (Azure AD, Google etc.)

It can be irritating when there are a number of different places to sign into every day. That's why we have created a possibility to sign in to Showell more easily.

File Management integrations (Sharepoint, Dropbox etc.)

Are you interested in Showell, but don't want to change your cloud storage service? Showell is easy to integrate to most common file storage services. Provide a better buying experience without the need to move anything.

CRM integration (Salesforce, Dynamics etc.)

Did you know that you can integrate Showell to your CRM. For example, link your CRM files to Showell Admin and have them available for future use right from Showell App.

High-level Security and Data Privacy

Showell follows best practices to keep your data secure. This includes: ISO-certified cloud service infrastructure, 3rd party systemwide security audits and EU GDPR compliant data processing.

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