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Get the award-winning sales enablement platform packed with useful features that takes your sales productivity to a next level.


Per-user / month
Up to 25 documents
Up to 5 users
Self-service onboarding
Help Center and tutorial videos
Virtual product trainings
Community Slack support
Free forever


Per-user / month
Up to 250 documents
Up to 20 users
1-to-1 virtual onboarding session
Help Center and tutorial videos
Customer support
Community Slack support
Billed monthly


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Unlimited volume & storage
Unlimited users & admins
Custom themes
Onboarding program
Dedicated customer success manager
Premium support
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Core Features

Best-in-class Sales Enablement Solution

Showell (Offline) App for iPad / iPhone / Android / Windows

Access all your sales, marketing and training content show captivating presentation even offline. Create customised presentations and share selected content via email/copy link.

Showell Online

Use your favourite web browser to find, open and show captivating presentations. Create customised presentations and share selected content via email/copy link. Same features as with Showell (offline) App.

Unlimited storage volume*

Showell Professional and Enterprise have unlimited cloud storage to store your presentations, documents, videos and images. 

*Free plan has a limited storage volume of 5 GB.

Certified Security and Data Privacy

Showell follows best practices to keep your data secure. This includes: ISO-certified cloud service infrastructure, 3rd party systemwide security audits and EU GDPR compliant data processing.

Central Content Library

All your sales, marketing and training well-organized in one, central content library. Upload and manage documents, videos, animations, images, web links, AR/3D content. Supported file formats are e.g. PowerPoint, Word, Excel, PDF, videos (MP4), images (JPG/PNG/TIFF).

Multi-language support

Showell App / Showell Online App is available in English, Dutch, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Swedish and Finnish. User can quickly switch between languages in Showell App settings. User interface language doesn't affect content language, which can be in any language.

Not available on Free plan.

Quick Search

Search lets you to quickly find the right folder, content, presentation or company/contact person (CRM add-on / integration required).

Advanced search*

With advanced search you can target your search by file/document type, keyword and location.

*Only available for Professional, ask for more information

Presenting and Sharing

Deliver impactful presentations and influence by sharing content

Offline browsing and presenting

No internet? No problem. With Showell App you can find and present the right content in anytime and anywhere.

Natural and smooth page switching and zooming

Showell App opens and displays any content (Powerpoint, Word document, video, image etc.) in blink of an eye. Presenting with Showell is smooth and natural as you move from page or slide to another horizontally (left/right instead of up/down). With zooming in and out you can easily navigate inside your presentation and focus on small details.

Presentation Creator

With Presentation Creator you can pick and select the most relevant slides, pages and documents and combine those into tailored presentation in minutes. Presentation can be saved as a PDF into Showell's My Files for later use and shared with the customer as a single PDF. Deliver the winning buying experience throughout the entire buying journey.

Drawing / annotating

You can also draw on top of the documents that you are presenting - a handy way to underline or highlight points.

Content sharing

Share presentation and other content to a customer via email or copy the share link and send it e.g. via LinkeIn, Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, or by using other channels. Your customer receives a link to your branded share center where they can browse and view the shared content. Add a pin-code for confidential shares. Set expiration date. 

Share tracking

Track sharing and get notified when your customer opens the shared content. Know exactly when and what your customer has viewed and what they were interested. Access tracking analytics data right from the Showell App. 

Outlook / Gmail / Apple Mail connection

When sharing content Showell connects with your favorite email client. This prevents your emails from going to spam. You can easily select default email that you want to use.

Augmented Reality / 3D content

Showell's Augmented Reality (AR)* and 3D support lets you show and visualize your 3D models. Simply upload your own 3D object to Showell, and when you open them, Showell will automatically display the object letting you to can turn and place it as you like.

*AR features are only available in Showell iPad and iPhone Apps.

Team Management and Communications

Manage your team and keep the notified

Users and groups

Easily add and manage your Showell users and create user groups. 

Invite users

Showell makes it easy to mass invite users. This feature perfect for adding lots of internal users, but also external users like partners, dealers or other 3rd party users to your Showell account. Write a tailored invitation message and safely control who and how many people can join and from what domains.

Control access, presenting & sharing permissions

Set permissions of who can access, present and what. Control which files and documents are allowed to be shared. Showell comes with two types of users: administrators and regular users. Administrator users can add new users, set permissions, and manage all content. You can also grant restricted content management rights to regular users.  

Team communication

When you have something important (e.g. updates or new content) to share with your Showell users you can send a notification to selected users, groups or to everyone. Notification can be sent as a push-notification (appears on the user's screen) or via email. Previous notifications can be found and read inside Showell App. 

High-priority messages

By flagging your message as high-priority you can be sure that it gets read and that users perform the action that you've set. Action can be for example reading a document or visiting a web link. High-priority messages are great for ensuring product knowledge and onboarding new users. 

Single-Sign-On (SSO) login

Make user management centralised and let users to sign in to Showell with their common credentials. Connect Showell with your Microsoft Azure AD or other identity provider service.

Multiple Accounts

Multi-account support means your company can have more than one account. Multiple accounts may be needed e.g. when you have content in different languages (one account per language), countries, branches or business units Sign in to all accounts with just one username and password.


Boost your sales performance and productivity with Showell

My Files with direct uploading

Users can store their own, private content in My Files and upload files directly in the Showell App / Showell Web App. Personal content can be presented and shared alongside with general content to deliver even more personal and tailored customer experience. 

Slide Designer*

Slide Designer allows you to quickly create e.g. a cover slide, agenda, or thank your page and add it to your presentation without having to leave Showell and use e.g. PowerPoint. Slide Designer includes 1 branded template by default. Additional templates can be purchased from Showell.

*Slide designer is an add-on feature and available for the Professional plan. It is provided with slide templates that match your company brand look and feel. Please ask for more information. 

Microsoft Office Editor*

With Showell's MS Office editor add-on you can open and edit your PowerPoint, Excel and Office documents from within Showell. You can have e.g. a master PowerPoint template in Showell, edit and create a personalized presentation in PowerPoint and save it to My Files in Showell, so that the original "master" doesn't change.

*feature is available as an add-on feature for the Professional plan. Please ask for more information and pricing. MS Office 365 license is required. 


Notes lets you to jot your thoughts down without leaving Showell. And if you've connected your tablet or smartphone (iPad or iPhone) with TV or projector, your audience won't see the notes on the big screen.

Notes can be synced with your CRM when it is connected with Showell. 

Kiosk with auto play (self-running presentations)

When you're in a fair or other event, you might want to use the Kiosk mode to lock your Showell account to a certain view, folder or presentation. Then you can safely let visitors to use your device as you control what content they can see and access. With setting presentation to auto play, you have a self-running presentation which you can also show on a bigger screen.

Showell Analytics

Showell Analytics tells e.g. how active your users are, how they use and share content and how customers react to content shared with them. Manage your sales team better than ever and put your marketing resources where they are needed the most.

Interactive and smart (HTML5) tools*

Accelerate sales and elevate customer conversations with smart tools (offline web apps). Examples of interactive and smart sales tools are for example ROI calculators, product configurators, lead capture forms and survey forms. And thanks to Showell, they also function fully offline and can be integrated with e.g. your CRM system.

*HTML5 content requires custom development. We can help you to create a smart tool for your unique business needs. Or you may also use an existing partner who can create smart tools for you using common web technologies such as HTML5 and by following guidelines we provide.


Professional looking sales tool

Basic Branding: logo, thumbnails, background..

Easily tailor your Showell App and share center interface to match your brand. Add your own logo, brand color, background images and thumbnails to create solid brand experience when you show presentations and share content.

Branded Showell Themes*

Get a branded front page for your Showell account. We offer tested and ready-made themes that can be easily tailored to match your sales process and brand. Branded front page helps salespeople to quickly find the right content and makes Showell feel even more your very own sales tool. 

*Only available in Professional plan. Our team is happy to help you with creating and branding for your Showell account. Ask pricing for design services.

Support and onboarding

Enjoy world-class rated customer service

Help Center and product newsletters

Showell Help Center is packed with great tutorials, videos, tips and tricks. We also send regular newsletters to let you know about fixes, future updates and other changes.

Customer support*

If you have any questions or encounter problems about Showell, customer support is at your service. Send us an email and our support team will answer usually within 1 hour.

Free: self-support via Help Center 

Essential: email support (lower priority)

Professional: email support (higher priority), dedicated account manager 

Fast Track onboarding

Start the basic free plan and you can jump on a Fast Track onboarding. We'll give you quick 30 minute guided tour of Showell to ensure that you get a good start and most out of Showell.

Dedicated account manager*

Get a personal assistance from the dedicated account manager who knows your business, needs and requirements and will be guiding you starting from onboarding (premium onboarding service required).

*Only in Professional 

Premium onboarding service *

We'll help you to have a successful start and that everything works smoothly from day 1, we have an onboarding service that includes e.g. kick-off meeting, design services and training sessions for admins and users. And we can tailor the onboarding to match your specific business needs.

*Only in Professional

Free lifetime updates*

Showell is a product that is constantly developed and updated. As a Showell customer you are guaranteed to receive free lifetime updates now and always.

*Selected future features may not be available for every plan.

Add-ons and integrations

Connect Showell with your business tools and processes. Only available in Professional and Enterprise plans

Salesforce CRM Connector

Connect Showell and Salesforce CRM. Use Showell App in a sales meeting to track and log what happens in the meeting (e.g. contact person, notes, presented and shared content and when meeting ends, automatically sync data to Salesforce.

Hubspot CRM Connector

Connect Showell and Hubspot CRM. Use Showell App in a sales meeting to track and log what happens in the meeting (e.g. contact person, notes, presented and shared content and when meeting ends, automatically sync data to Hubspot.

MS Dynamics 365 CRM Connector

Connect Showell and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Use Showell App in a sales meeting to track and log what happens in the meeting (e.g. contact person, notes, presented and shared content and when meeting ends, automatically sync data to Dynamics.

MS Sharepoint/Teams automatic sync plug-In

Use Teams, Sharepoint or OneDrive as the master location for your files and sync them automatically to your Showell account. Activation takes just minutes and no integration required. Showell is a great customer-facing extension to your existing Microsoft environment, making it easy to find, present and share content.

Google Drive automatic sync plug-In

Use Google Drive as the master location for your files and sync them automatically to your Showell account. Activation takes just minutes and no integration required. 

Dropbox automatic sync plug-In

Showell connects with Dropbox and automatically syncs selected files and folders to Showell. Dropbox is a file sharing cloud service, and not suitable for customer-facing sales work. With Showell you can have branded sales tool which makes it easy to find, present and share content.

API for integrations (CRM, ERP, DAM etc.)

We offer an API to integrate Showell with your CRM, ERP, DAM or other system.

Analytics API

Access raw analytics data using our Analytics API.

Stay Tuned

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