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Showell is the perfect sales tool for any sales team, in any industry. Learn more about how Showell meets the sales requirements of different industries.

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Heavy Machinery and Vehicles

Showell is the perfect tool to sell heavy machines for e.g. construction, mining, forest and agriculture needs. Companies operate in a very competitive and global landscape. And they typically have high number of sales representatives and dealers, and lots of sales content. To help your customers stay ahead of their competitors and increase their success, sales teams need continuous training and instant access to sales content like brochures, data sheets, pricing, competitor comparisons, videos and images.

Construction Supplies and Fixtures

Construction supplies & fixtures companies manufacture and sell e.g. doors, windows, roofing, ceiling, flooring, plumbing, cabinets, lighting and other value-added building products, services and home improvement components.

Such companies have often a sales portfolio with large number of products that come with multiple variations. The total amount of sales material needed can be hundreds of different files. Showell helps to keep all of the material in order and easily found from one place.

It is also easy to impress your customers with tailored presentations to their specific needs.

Industrial Equipment and Tools

Factories, refineries, power plants and other industrial facilities are customers for many high and low technology equipment and tool manufacturers. To keep production running at its optimal level, there is a demand for assembly robots, CNC-machines, power tools, calibrators, belts, welding tools, safety equipment and many other products.

The buyers are professionals, so a very high-level of product knowledge is mandatory when building trust. Trust plays a big part in successful sales. When sales reps have a tool that provides them with continuous training, all the product knowledge they need and ability to send customers an information package that is based on their unique needs and requirements, they are more ready to build that trust.

Why Showell?

  • Provide training and product knowledge in one tool
  • No more self-made presentations with old or even wrong facts
  • Visualize the benefits of a product
  • Sell solutions instead of single products
  • Shorten the ramp-up time of new sales reps

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences industry sells products, services and instruments to hospitals and health care centers. Some examples of products these companies make are: pharma products, medicines, medical equipment/instruments and diagnostic tools.

In the healthcare field, competition is tight. The need for sales expertise is demanding because of heavy regulation and constantly evolving products and services. There is more pressure on the actual meeting as reps usually have a very limited time to deliver complex information and make an impact.

Why Showell?

  • Showell is designed for time-limited and knowledge-heavy meetings
  • Sales reps are following and using only compliant and the latest content
  • Everything works also offline, so presenting can happen anywhere without technical hassle
  • A solid and professional customer experience in every meeting
  • Visualize with videos, 3D images and interactive content

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