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The ROI of Showell


"20% of sellers typically generate 80% of sales. Imagine what could be achieved if all sellers were enabled to reach their sales quota. That's the reason to invest in sales enablement."

Sami SuniFounder & CEO, Showell

Showell Saves Seller's Time and Improves Focus & Execution

Studies show that B2B sellers spend up to 23% (440 hours per year) of their time searching for sales content. Showell reduces back-office work, increases selling time, and boosts overall sales productivity. This results in more time for high-quality, impactful conversations with customers, leading to higher sales performance.

"Thanks to easy access to approved content, Showell made our processes 10X faster.”

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
Gabor J.Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist, Sakura Finetek

Showell Makes Marketing More Productive and Aligned with Sales

Sales collateral is often scattered across multiple locations, averaging 17 in number. This presents various challenges for those responsible for creating, updating, and distributing content. In fact, according to studies, 65% of salespeople struggle to find the right content to present and share with prospects. Additionally, nearly one-third of the content goes unused, resulting in wasted resources and lost opportunities.

"Showell is an excellent platform for any marketing department. It gives me the ability to communicate quickly and effectively with our global partners. Showell has made my and my team's workload more manageable and more efficient.

Donna S.Global Head of Product Management (Validated Reviewer)

Showell Helps to Communicate the Right Brand and Message

In many sales organizations sellers are making their own presentations or using outdated content.  This leads to a loss of brand control, and communicating the wrong message could be dangerous for the whole business. At the same time, 77% of marketing leads say that a solid brand is crucial for growth. Showell makes storing, managing, and delivering the latest, on-brand content easier than ever. 

"It’s a game changer! I’d recommend Showell for anyone who wants to be able to send out materials in a professional format and in a controlled manner."

Global Category Director
Hakeem A.Global Category Director, Vernacare

Showell Enables Ongoing Training and Optimizes Onboarding

Continuous training is challenging as research shows up to 87% of training material is forgotten after 90 days, especially for new salespeople. Ongoing product and sales training on an intuitive platform is essential for success, enabling salespeople to add value and understand buyers' needs.

"We are fighting for their brain [sales reps] capacity. With Showell we narrow the universe down, focusing on the content needed to take care of daily work."

Magnus F.Marketing Manager, Gaggenau

Showell Accelerated Sales and Helps to Scale Success

Today's buyers expect value-added insight from salespeople. However, only 20% of sellers meet those expectations. Showell arms sellers with the right content and information, making them better prepared and ready to present and share impactful content in every touchpoint, guiding buyers towards closing.

"We’ve seen an increase in sales basically because we have better-prepared salespeople on the front line."

Global Information Director
Scott D.Global Information Director, Sandvik

"6X fewer resources required"

"Previously we had a team of six people for updating collaterals for our dealers. With Showell, we can do the same with only one person."

Global information director
Scott D.Global Information Director, Sandvik