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The ROI of Showell

Showell helps you to focus on selling and solving your customer's business needs. It not only saves your valuable time but also impacts the bottom line.

Less Admin, More Selling

According to studies, B2B sellers spend up to 23% (440 hours annually) of their time on searching and gathering sales content. Showell greatly reduces back-office work and increases selling time. 

Source: Showell Customer Survey, Grow Flow Consulting Ltd, 2020

time-clock-hand Increase in selling time 55% of customers say that Showell has increased their customer-facing time.
time-clock-three Less unproductive work Showell reduces up to 25% of time spent on finding and gathering sales content.
gauge-dashboard-1 Streamlined marketing & sales 84% of customers say that Showell makes both managing collateral and executing sales quicker

Integrated Brand Experience

37% of sales content is unused. This leads to outdated and self-made presentations and a loss of brand control. At the same time, 77% of marketing leads say that a solid brand is crucial for growth. Showell makes storing, managing, and delivering the latest, on-brand content easier than ever. 

Source: Showell Customer Survey, Grow Flow Consulting Ltd, 2020

Brand in control 78% of customers say that Showell helps to keep their brand solid and in control.
Unified sales message 88% say that Showell helps to unify their sales message. 
Customer experience 67% of customers state that Showell improves the buying experience.

Accelerated Sales

Today's buyers expect value-added insight from salespeople. However, only 20% of sellers meet those expectations. Showell arms sellers with the right content and information, making them better prepared and ready to present and share impactful content in every touchpoint, guiding buyers towards closing.  

Source: Showell Customer Survey, Grow Flow Consulting Ltd, 2020

Improved bottom line 43% of customers say that Showell has increased their sales.
Faster sales cycles Showell helps sellers to close faster by accelerating sales cycle time up to 34%. 
Drive success 92% of business leaders say that Showell helps them to lead and monitor sales better.
Hakeem A. Global Category Director
I'd recommend Showell to anyone who has a sales team and wants to be able to send out materials in a professional format and wants to give autonomy to the salespeople in a controlled manner.
Scott D. Digital Development Manager
That initial pitch to the customer is the most important. If you are unprepared, the customer gets an opportunity to go elsewhere. 
Heikki L. Product Marketing Manager
The salespeople have an easy-to-use system that has everything they need. And they can use the same system as their presentation tool.
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