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Data-Driven Sales

Leverage Data To Close More Deals

Work smarter at each stage of the sales and focus on what truly converts prospects into customers.

Customer surrounded with insights and analytics data that shows content engagement

Managing Sales Content Made Simple

One platform to manage, distribute, track and analyze sales materials and get all content at your teams finger tips.

Why Showell?

How Sales and Marketing Professionals Use Showell to Improve Closing Rates with Data?

Encourage more frequent use of sales tools
Optimize content based on effectiveness and usage data
Monitor and improve seller preparation
Track and enhance team training efforts
Schedule follow-ups based on buyer interactions
Gain comprehensive insights by integrating data

Refine Sales Strategies with Seller Activity Analytics

Measure and analyze your team's customer-facing activities to optimize buying experience, sales outcomes, and sales effectiveness.

Showell Analytics showing each visitor's time spent on content, sessions, and shares

Capture Buyers' Interests and Understand What Moves the Needle

Ensure the right content reaches buyers at the right time to improve seller's focus and schedule follow-ups based on actual interest.

Showell Anlaytics showing specific page visits and duration

Focus Your Efforts on Content That Drives Results

Up to 90% of sales collateral end up unused, leading to considerable waste of time and resources. Focus on creating impactful content that closes deals.
Seller and customer interaction with content surrounding them to showcase guided selling

Integrate with Other Tools Your Team is Already Using

Showell fits into your existing marketing and sales tech stack and workflows. 

Showell integrations

Showell logo surrounded by commonly used sales and marketing app logos

"For the first time, salespeople can track customer engagement, with analytics gathered to inform sales strategies. This versatility maximizes the effectiveness of sales pitches."

Sharvon P. Hales
Sales Support and Marketing Supervisor, Asendia USA

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Features That Our Customers Love

Digital Sales Room
Digital Sales Room
Forget email attachments and effortlessly share content through the branded Digital Sales Room. Enjoy complete control over shared content.
Share analytics and tracking
Share Tracking & Analytics
Know exactly when your customers open shared content, what pages/slides they view, and for how long. Act at the right time.
User activity analytics
User Activity Analytics
Track each sales rep's activities: how often they use Showell, what content they use the most, and what they share with customers.
User group/sales team level analytics
Team Performance Analytics
Track each team's performance. Gather statistics on what and if your sales teams share your content.
Content analytics
Content Usage Analytics
Understand what content is used and what is not. Make data-driven decisions to allocate resources wisely.
Analytics Data integrations (API)
Analytics Data Integrations
Integrate Showell analytics data with other data sources for cross-analysis and accurate business decisions.

Ready to Power Your Sales with Data?

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"One of the Best Sales Enablement Platforms"

“It took us just a couple of weeks to get our people onboard and content organized. They can now access all relevant information. It’s one of the best platforms that I’ve seen”.
Product Manager
Teresa C.Product Manager, Vernacare