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Sales Enablement for Sellers

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Easily find, personalize, present, and share sales content to help you close more deals.

Collection of sales materials

Build Strong Buyer Relationships and Close Deals Faster

Showell for any device, online and offline
Always Ready Sales App
 Access sales content anytime, anywhere, with any device (tablets, laptops, or smartphones). Even offline.
All in one sales app
All-in-One Tool
Find, present, and share sales-ready content quickly – all in one place without hassle.
Presentation creator
Tailored Presentations
Easily assemble tailored and professional presentations in just a few minutes.
Sales meeting
Remote and F2F Meetings
Engage buyers and showcase your product whether remote or in-person meetings.
Digital Sales Room
Digital Sales Rooms
Accelerate sales with tailored digital rooms: effortlessly share files of any size and type. 
Share engagement tracking
Buying Signals
Track who and how buyers interact with your content and act on signals. 

Stand Out as a Salesperson With Digital Sales Rooms

Digital Sales Rooms (DSR) allow sales to create an environment where only the most relevant information and content is shown to your customer. Learn how to use DSRs to create a winning buying experience.

Guide stand out as a sales person

"For the first time, salespeople can track customer engagement, with analytics gathered to inform sales strategies. This versatility maximizes the effectiveness of sales pitches."

Sharvon P. Hales
Sales Support and Marketing Supervisor, Asendia USA

Asendia Case Study

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have put together some commonly asked questions from sellers, but we would be delighted to schedule a call with you for more detailed answers.

Does Showell allow me to access sales materials offline, for presentations in areas with limited internet access?

Showell lets you download the content you need in advance on your tablet, mobile phone, or laptop.  This ensures you can access your materials for offline use. The Showell App is available on App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android), and Microsoft Store (Windows). When offline, you can:

  • Browse and search content
  • Access personal files
  • Create tailored presentations
  • Show presentations
  • Annotate and draw on them
  • Use Showell in Kiosk-mode
  • Use offline-compatible tools like lead capture forms and product configurations
  • Create shares (internet connection is required for sending the link)


When I share content with prospects in Showell, can I track whether they have opened the content and which specific files or sections they viewed?

Yes, you can track shares in Showell's Digital Sales Room (DSR).

DSR is a branded micro-website that is created when you share content from Showell with prospects or partners.

You can view share tracking and analytics easily in the Showell App, which provides page-level information on how the recipient is interacting with shared documents and presentations.

This information helps you make more informed follow-up calls, as you know what the recipient is interested in.

I need to personalize my presentation for each customer. How can I do that in Showell?

You can personalize your presentations for each customer in Showell by using the "My Presentations" feature.

This allows you to customize the content of your presentations based on the specific needs and interests of each customer. You can add, remove, or modify slides and elements, and even adjust the order of the presentation to best suit your customer's needs.

This feature is available in the Showell App and can be used offline, making it easy for you to personalize presentations on the go. To create a tailored presentation, simply select the content you want to include and make any necessary adjustments. The new presentation will be saved as a separate presentation, allowing you to quickly switch between different versions for different customers.

Showell offers full editing capabilities for maximum flexibility. Features include:

  • Slide Designer: create cover slides quickly
  • MS Office editing: open PowerPoint presentations in Microsoft Office PowerPoint, make changes and save them directly to Showell
  • Google editing: edit Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets within Google or use Google templates.
Can I use Showell in online meetings to present something?

Yes, you can use Showell in online meetings to present content. 

You can use Showell with online meeting tools, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet, and share your screen to showcase your content.

This makes it easy to engage with your audience and provides a dynamic and interactive presentation experience, even when you are not in the same room.

Additionally, Showell's smart tools and annotations features allow you to interact with your content and respond to questions in real-time, making it a super versatile and effective presentation tool for online meetings.

Can I upload personal files to Showell?

Yes, you can upload personal files to Showell. Showell has a feature called "My Files" that allows you to store and access your personal content.

You can upload any type of file, including presentations, documents, images, and videos, and access them anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Your personal files are private and only visible to you, making it easy to keep your content secure and organized. With Showell, you can store all of your important files in one convenient location and access them from any device, so you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

Dive Deeper into Sales Enablement

Why not take a more detailed look into what Showell and the world of sales enablement have to offer. Discover actionable tips and insights below.

"Showell is a Game Changer"

"I'd recommend Showell to anyone who has a sales team and wants to be able to send out materials in a professional format and wants to give autonomy to the salespeople in a controlled manner."

Hakeem A.Global Category Director, Vernacare