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Sales Content Management

Managing Sales Content Made Simple

One platform to manage, distribute, track, and analyze all sales collateral.

Files, folders, and smart tools, and content analytics shown in a sales content management

Managing Sales Content Made Simple

One platform to manage, distribute, track and analyze sales materials and get all content at your teams finger tips.

Why Showell?

Why do Sales and Marketing Professionals Use Showell to Manage Sales Content?

Easy content accessibility and discovery
No more outdated materials
Brand consistency while maintaining tailorability
Insights on how content is actually used (or not)
Seamless integration with other software
ISO27001:2022 certified software and cloud

Single Source of Truth to All Your Sales Content

Enable sellers to access content anytime, anywhere, and on any device (even offline), so they can provide buyers with the information they need, exactly when they need it. 

Sales content management app shown on tablet, with search functionality and AI-recommendation file example

Manage Content Distribution to Various Groups

Organize sales content by region, product, persona, or stage to align with your sales journey. Set access at the user and team levels to improve security and efficiency.

Snapshot of in-app user and group access permission settings

Optimize the Impact of Your Sales Resources

See exactly how sellers and buyers interact with content, allowing you to make informed data-driven decisions, refine your strategies, and enhance your offerings.
Snapshot of sales content analytics showing content interaction duration and file views

Integrate with Other Tools Your Team is Already Using

Showell fits into your existing marketing and sales tech stack and workflows. 

Showell Integrations

Showell logo surrounded by commonly used sales and marketing app logos

"Thanks to easy access to approved content, Showell made our sales content management 10X faster."

Gabor Juhasz,
Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist, Sakura

Medical professional placing a lab tray inside a Sakura laboratory equipment

Features That Our Customers Love

Branded App
The branded Sales App is available for all devices: tablets, laptops, smartphones, and web browsers.
Distribute sales content
Automatic Content Sync
Smart push content updates ensure sellers automatically have access to the latest content.
AI Content Recommendations
AI-powered recommendations help you choose relevant content at each touchpoint.
Content Usage Analytics
Understand which content is used and which is not. Make data-driven decisions to allocate resources wisely.
Multiple Showell Workspaces (accounts)
Showell Workspaces
Oversee multiple Workspaces (e.g. regions, divisions, languages).
Manage sales enablement users and groups
Users and Groups
Easily add and manage your users and what groups they belong to.
Control access to sales content
Access Control
Set and edit permissions of who can access, present, and share certain content.
Notify users when there is updated or new sales content available
Notify all or selected users when updated content is available.
Showell supports wide variety of sales content
Comprehensive File Support
Upload PowerPoints, Word documents, PDFs, images, videos, 3D models… Just about everything.
Control sales content sharing
File Share Control
Control which files and documents can be shared with Showell's Digital Sales Room.
Content Integrations
Integrate Showell with your other systems, such as cloud file storages, DAMs, and ERPs.
User Invitations
Easily mass invite users—ideal for onboarding large teams or managing extensive dealer networks.

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“It took us just a couple of weeks to get our people onboard and content organized. They can now access all relevant information. It’s one of the best platforms that I’ve seen”.
Product Manager
Teresa C.Product Manager, Vernacare