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How to prepare for virtual sales meetings?

With Showell you can prepare your next meeting and create a personalised presentation in minutes and keep brand in control.

  • Find all sales and marketing content in one place
  • Create a presentation with Showell’s presentation creator
  • Upload your own custom content to Showell’s My Files
  • Add a custom cover page and an agenda to your presentation
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How to share content and influence all decision makers?

It’s always a good idea to share content that speaks to all possible stakeholders. Sharing relevant content greatly helps to speed up the decision making. With Showell, sharing your presentation along with other content is fast and easy.

  • Select presentation and other content that you want to share

  • Share content via email or copy the share link
  • Your customer receives a link to branded share page

  • And get notified when customer opens shared content

Showell is compatible with every major web conference tool

Enjoy powerful and smooth presentations in your virtual sales meetings.

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Using Showell in virtual meetings increases your sales efficiency, saves time and money. But it also delivers a significantly better customer experience. Watch a free 5-minute webinar and learn the secrets of a perfect virtual sales meeting.

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