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Understand the Impact of Your Sales Content

Stop guessing and focus on creating impactful content that closes deals.

Showell Analytics showing visitor analytics, user activity and content engagement

Managing Sales Content Made Simple

One platform to manage, distribute, track and analyze sales materials and get all content at your teams finger tips.

Discover How Buyers Interact with Your Content

Understand how customers interact with your sales materials. Our sales content analytics reveal what content they view, for how long, and when.

Showell Analytics showing number of visitors, visits, filw views, and downloads

Uncover Insights up to the Page-Level

Use share analytics to tailor the sales journey to buyers at each stage. Eliminate content blind spots, understand document interactions, and create impactful content.
Showell Analytics showing number of visits and page-level analytics

Track How Your Sellers Use Your Content

Discover how salespeople promote and rely on your content with Showell's user analytics. Track what they share and how it relates to their sales performance to create actionable benchmarks and streamline your sales funnel.
Showell Analytics tracking seller activity based on how frequently they use a particular content

"Focus On What Matters"

“With Showell, we narrow the universe down, focusing on the content salespeople need daily. And I appreciate the [content] statistics - to know what's hot and what's not.”

Marketing manager
Magnus F.Marketing Manager, Gaggenau

Features That Our Customers Love

User activity analytics
User Activity Analytics
Track each sales rep's activities: how often they use Showell, what content they use the most, and what they share with customers.
Group-level sales analytics
Team Performance Analytics
Track each team's performance. Gather statistics on what and if your sales teams share your content.
Share analytics and tracking
Share Tracking and Analytics
Know exactly when your customers open shared content, what pages or slides they view, and for how long. Act at the right time.
Page/slide level tracking
Page or Slide Tracking
Track how buyers react to shared content at the page or slide level and plan your follow-ups based on their actual interest.
Content analytics
Content Usage Analytics
Understand what content is used and what is not. Make data-driven decisions to allocate resources wisely.
Analytics Data integrations (API)
Analytics Data Integrations
Integrate Showell analytics data with other data sources for cross-analysis and accurate business decisions.

Ready to Improve the Impact and Usage of Your Sales Content?

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Delve into Sales Content Analytics

Discover actionable tips and insights.

"Showell is a Game Changer"

"I'd recommend Showell to anyone who has a sales team and wants to be able to send out materials in a professional format and wants to give autonomy to the salespeople in a controlled manner."

Hakeem A.Global Category Director, Vernacare