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Integrate Showell with Your Favorite Sales and Marketing Tools

Showell's many integrations allow you to seamlessly connect with your other software to streamline your sales process and workflows.

Featured Integrations

Experience the most popular, ready-made integrations that will streamline your Showell experience.

CRM Integrations

Access and share content, and track how your prospects and customers engage with content shared with them.
Salesforce-box2 Salesforce

Access, share and track content without leaving Salesforce.

Salesforce Digital Experience Cloud Sites Salesforce DXP

View, share, and track content in Digital Experience Cloud sites.

Dynamix-box MS Dynamics 365

Share content and track engagement with MS Dynamics.

Hubspot-box Hubspot Streamline content sharing and monitor prospect engagement.  
Pipedrive Pipedrive

Leverage Pipedrive for content sharing and tracking.

SAP C4C Sales Enablement Integration SAP C4C See, share, and track materials in your SAP C4C system.  

Digital Asset Management / Cloud Storage Integrations

Sync content from your DAM system to Showell, ensuring your sales team always accesses the latest content with ease.
Aprimo DAM Sales Enablement integration Aprimo

Automate content syncing from Aprimo to Showell.

Uptempo DAM sales enablement integration Uptempo

Connect and sync: automate your Showell content updates.

Sharepoint Sharepoint Seamlessly integrate Sharepoint content with Showell.  
Adobe Adobe Experience

Sync content from Adobe Experience Manager Assets.

Dropbox Dropbox Connect Dropbox and sync files with Showell.  
Google Drive Sales Enablement integration Google Drive Streamline content management with Google Drive integration.  
Bynder Sales Enablement integration Bynder Automate content management with Bynder integration.   
Gredi sales enablement integration Gredi

Sync content between Gredi and Showell.

Grano Emmi Sales Enablement integration Grano Emmi

Make content management easy with Emmi integration.

Canto Sales Enablement integration Canto

Sync your sales and marketing content from Canto.

Brandfolder Sales Enablement integration Brandfolder

Synchronize assets from Brandfolder to Showell.


PIM Integrations

Sync the latest product information from your PIM system to Showell for your sales team.
Pimcore sales enablement integration Pimcore

Automatically bring product data from Pimcore to Showell.

inriver Inriver

Connect inriver and Showell for streamlined product data flow.

Akeneo Akeneo Sync product information between Akeneo and Showell.  

Content Editing

Edit your Google and PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and spreadsheets with advanced content editing capabilities.
Powerpoint sales enablement editing Microsoft PowerPoint

Create personalized PowerPoint presentations.

Word sales enablement editing Microsoft Word

Create and edit Microsoft Word documents. 

Excel sales enablement editing Microsoft Excel

Open and edit Excel spreadsheets.

Google Slides sales enablement editing Google Slides

Create and edit Google Slides presentations.

Google Docs sales enablement editing Google Docs

Easily create and edit Google Docs.

Google Sheet sales enablement editing Google Sheet

Open and edit Google Sheet spreadsheets.


Email, SMS and Social Selling

Share content from Showell on LinkedIn, email, WhatsApp, or SMS to enhance social selling and engage your audience effectively.
Outlook Microsoft Outlook

Find and Share content directly from Outlook. 

Gmail Gmail

Use Gmail for sharing links to digital sales rooms.

LinkedIn sales enablemetn integration LinkedIn

Share content with your connections on LinkedIn.

Whatsapp sales enablement integration WhatsApp

Share the link to your Digital Sales Room via WhatsApp.

SMS sales enablement integration SMS

Share the link to your Digital Sales Room via SMS.



Leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) with Showell for seamless and secure access to your sales content.
Microsoft Entra ID Single-Sign-On Sales Enablement Integration MS Entra ID

Use Single-Sign-On with Showell.

Okta SSO sales enablement integration Okta

Use single-sign-on to easily access Showell.

Salesforce SSO sales enablement integration Salesforce SSO

Single-sign-on with Salesforce credentials.

Google SSO sales enablement integration Google SSO

Single-sign-on with Salesforce credentials.

Microsoft Microsoft AD FS

Use the same credentials for all your tools.


Sales Enablement for Global Organizations

Thanks to Showell's integration capabilities, multiple workspaces, 10+ UI languages, and AI-supported advanced translations you can easily manage different content, users, and structure for every language, market area, or business unit. 

World map: sales enablement for global sales organization

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 Certified Security

Showell's information security management (ISMS) is ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified. We are 100% GDPR (EU) and CCPA (California Privacy Act) compliant with your data stored in a secure, scalable, and fast cloud. 

ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified security

"Fluent Information Flows"

"For us, it’s very important that information flows between different systems fluently. Showell has been really beneficial for us and I can recommend it to other companies."

Area Director, PonsseArea Director, Ponsse