Better Sellers

Taking into account the many changes in sales, the value of face to face customer meetings hasn’t decreased. On the contrary. People buy from people, not from companies. The problem is, that a large part of sales materials is often left unused. This effects a sales reps’ ability to be convincing, to communicate the desired product image and to supply relevant and correct information to the customer.

A new sales tool

We’ve heard the same concerns from hundreds of company leaders. We decided that something had to be done and so we created a stylish yet super easy to use application that would make finding relevant material during a meeting, smooth and found quickly.

Thousands of satisfied sales reps

With the help of Showell’s sales application, hundreds of satisfied customers and thousands of app users are searching and selling more productively in over 20 countries. We want to enhance every sales reps’ perfomance by helping them to search efficiently and sell better.


We want to turn sellers into star sellers by giving them our fast and elegant Showell sales app with all its services. Our mission is to help our customers search efficiently and sell better.


We want to supply our customers with the best service. Our enthusiastic and experienced team has years of experience in designing and building high class digital solutions. Join our winning team!


We want that our customers can forget about technology and focus fully on sales work. You can see and feel the Finnish design in our Showell app. It looks sleek and its usage is intuitive and fast.

Board of Directors

Sami Suni

Sami Suni

CEO, Founder

Sami is Showell’s founding father and CEO. He has more than 15 years of experience in designing and selling network and mobile services and business management.

Aleksi Niemi

Aleksi Niemi

VP of Sales

Aleksi’s passion is to help our customers grown their sales. He has over 10 years of experience in sales, marketing and product development tasks.

Juha Suni

Juha Suni


Juha is responsible for Showell’s product development where he has used his 15 years of diverse experience in product development and team leadership. Juha is also a shareholder and member of the board at Showell.

Kari Turunen

Kari Turunen

VP of Business Development

Kari develops Showell’s business operations in management and board of directors. He is the founder and CEO of Showell’s parent company, Valu Digital.

Join our winning team!

We are constantly looking for new top professionals for our team. If you feel that you have skills and demonstrable experience in either sales, business management, software development or even all of them, we are more than interested in hearing more. Contact us and submit an open application.