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Benefits by Role

Get your sales, marketing, and management all on the same page, scale best practices, remove barriers and help sellers to execute.

Business Leaders

Leading sales and marketing teams isn’t easy. Research shows 42% of sales reps do not reach their quotas. Performance drops when salespeople are not focused on selling, but rather on unproductive work. Sales reps who don’t have sales content easily available, go to meetings unprepared and unarmed. 

Showell Benefits

Time management Showell reduces back-office work and helps to increase selling time
Sales execution Showell unifies processes and helps everyone in sales to execute
Training and ramp-up Showell is a great training tool, making ramp- up of new sales reps 6X faster

Marketing and Product Managers

According to Gartner having relevant content at hand makes buying easier and increases purchase probability by 2.8X. Still marketing and product managers often struggle with keeping sales collateral in order and delivering it to sales people. When sales collateral is scattered in multiple places it not only hurts your sales, but also increases risk of brand deterioration. 

Showell Benefits

Streamlined delivery

With Showell's smart and simple tools managing and delivering content is fast, easy and fun!  

One brand, one story Showell keeps your brand and story consistent through the whole buying journey
Data-driven development Showell tells you what, how and by whom content is used, helping you to make better decisions.

Sales representatives

It’s hard to stay focused on selling when collateral is scattered and buried. Studies tell that 71% of reps think meetings are unproductive and inefficient! Exceeding buyers high expectations with tools that are not made for customer-facing work is hard or impossible. No wonder 85% of buyers feel that sellers don’t bring enough value.

Showell Benefits

The most intuitive sales tool

Showell is a sales tool that has gained the reputation of being the most intuitive sales tool.

Charm your audience The right content at the right time helps you to visualise and charm your audience.
Win more deals Beat buyers expectations and deliver the winning customer experience, every time. 
"I’d recommend Showell for anyone who has a sales team and wants to be able to send out materials in a professional format and in a controlled manner. It’s a game changer."
Hakeem A. Global Category Director
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