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Sales Content Management

Easily organize and manage collateral, users and  permissions. 

One Place for Your Collateral

Studies show that 65% of reps say they can’t find relevant content, because it’s stored in multiple places. With Showell, sales and marketing finally has one place for storing, managing and distributing sales collateral. Sleep well knowing that only the latest versions are used and that your brand stays in control.

Key Features

Supported content formats Supported formats Upload PowerPoints, Word document, PDFs, images, videos.. everything. 
Manage sales and marketing collateral Organizing content Content can be neatly organized into views and folders. 
Automatic content updates Automatic updates Smart push-update ensures sales reps get the latest content automatically.
Team communication Communication Send a notification to selected users when there is new content available.
multiple-users-1 Users and groups Easily add and manage your Showell users and create user groups.
multiple-actions-add User invitations Showell makes it easy to mass invite users, e.g. your dealer's sales reps.
shield-key Access control Set permissions of who can access, present and what content.
Content search Search Quickly find the file or folder that you're looking for.
monitor-www Web links Add any web link to Showell to make it easy to access online content.
Control document and file sharing Share control Control which files and documents can be shared with Showell Share Center.
Control brand and visual look Design tools Change, crop and edit thumbnails and background images.
Keywords and tags Tags and keywords Make content easier to find by adding tags and keywords to files.