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How Asendia Uses Showell to Streamline Sales Content Management

Asendia is an international logistics company delivering parcels and mail worldwide. It's a joint venture of French La Poste and Swiss Post since 2012 and it has 32 global locations on 4 continents. Asendia has around 1,500 employees with headquarters in France and Switzerland.

Helping Sales Teams To Best Use Marketing and Sales Materials

Here's what Asendia says about Showell's ability to transform sales workflows into a more intuitive and intelligent way of working. 

As a logistics company working in a fast-paced landscape with retailers worldwide, it became clear that a more systematic solution for sales and marketing was called for. 

The Problem: Disorganized Sales Content, and Not Scalable, Time-Wasting Processes 

When a new salesperson joined the Asendia USA team, they were handed a big binder full of presentations in order to learn and review product information. Then they'd be directed to another portal to find videos and another for sales materials. This became increasingly problematic as content became more and more disorganized and when older documents remained in use and in circulation, despite there being more up-to-date materials available. As sales collaterals were not managed under one hub and were sometimes not in digital form, their in-house sales teams were faced with scattered materials that were often obsolete. On top of that, sales materials were also usually made on an ad-hoc basis, which was time-consuming for the marketing team and not scalable.

The Solution: The Relevant Sales Content in One Place and Sales Teams Synced Up Always

Showell helped to instantly solve the most pressing issue - disorganized content. All of Asendia's content is now stored in one place under Showell, which not only makes updating old assets easy but allows the Asendia team to be notified once updates have been made. This happens across all devices so that the sales teams are synced up no matter where they are. Now relevant content is accessible in 3 clicks or less, this easy-to-use structure is imperative and helps to address a seller's content needs quickly.

Asendia's Digital Sales Room

"We have our marketing collaterals, sales presentations, our videos, pretty much any resource that needs to be available for our sales team to help them sell and acquire customers."

Successful Implementation

A significant factor for Asendia USA to even adopt a new tool was the cost and usability. Having a tool that was user-friendly and quick to onboard meant that they could have little disruption to their workflow. Their team quickly found Showell to be easy to navigate, particularly when putting together new presentations using the slide designer, which is akin to clicking and adding what you like to a digital shopping cart and then organizing it based on your customer's needs.

"Showell was so user-friendly that it was probably one of our most flawless implementations of a new platform. Everyone adapted to it very quickly."

Digital Sales Room Makes Asendia's Sellers More Effective 

Beyond search, Showell's Digital Sales Room has revolutionized the way Asendia's salespeople work. For the first time ever, salespeople can track customer engagement through email, LinkedIn, or even WhatsApp. No matter what platform they are prospecting with, analytics are gathered to help inform the sales strategy. This kind of versatility helps salespeople make the most of their pitching efforts.

"We're not providing a service; we provide solutions. So, we're customizing solutions for our customers. Being able to go into Showell and pick and choose what they need in the presentation to customize the offer, has definitely put us in a position to make us more competitive."

Aligning Sales and Marketing 

Showell has helped create more synergy between sales and marketing, eliminating the pitfalls of scattered content management and enabling salespeople to address buyer objections with a click of a button. Tools like Showell create more time for selling and help companies do it with greater impact. With tailored solutions and an almost effortless adoption, Showell allows businesses to move customers through their sales funnel much faster. Book a 30-minute demo with Showell today, or get it for free - forever.

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