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Beamex Salespeople Just Love Showell

Beamex salespeople just love Showell. They're happy with how easy it is to use and how they can access it anywhere and anytime. Watch the video to learn how Heikki Laurila, Product Marketing Manager from Beamex describes their use of Showell.

Really Good Sales Enablement Tool

Beamex by its own words exists to provide better ways to calibrate. The company was founded in 1975 by four technicians who wanted to find a better way to do their job. Today Beamex has operations in more than 80 different countries.

Before Showell Beamex had a Sharepoint-based extranet for their partners. The system had many issues e.g. in accessing and usability. Because of these constant problems they decided to find an easy-to-use solution. According to Heikki Laurila Beamex ended up starting with Showell because of the advanced functionality and the best price-functionality ratio.

The sales people have easy-to-use system that has everything they need. And they can use the same system as their presentation tool.

For Beamex it is important that their sales enablement tool works offline. Their Global salespeople meet often with customers in places that don't have wi-fi or mobile connection to the internet. It is also important that they can use Showell with different devices. That way they have access to the important content all the time.

Let's Ask from the Sales People 

Beamex sales reps are located in over 80 countries all over the world. For them, Showell gives instant and easy access to all collateral that they need when they are in customer-facing situations - face-to-face or virtually.

One of Beamex's strategies is to be digital. Showell fits very well as a part of that strategy. On top of that Showell gives sales reps a professional outlook to their meetings and provides a good impression from the salesperson.

Showell is easy to use, but it also makes it easy to share content with customers. Also, the data about the shared content - how the receiver has reacted to it - what they have read, watched, or shared forward - gives initial information on how serious the customer is with the possible purchase.

Showell enables us to have a huge amount of information available at our fingertips, when we need it. 

For Beamex Showell support has been great. According to Heikki Laurila Showell support is the best support he has experienced anywhere - very helpful and fast. That is one of the many reasons why he can recommend Showell to any sales team that has a lot of salespeople spread around the World.