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Fredman Group

"It's a good team and I believe in the team and the company. So, that's maybe the best thing in Showell",
-Peter Fredman, Chairman of the Board


Sales guys just love Showell

Fredman Group is striving for the perfect kitchen. They have been serving the foodservice industry for over 20 years. Fredman is building sustainable foodservice businesses together with their customers. Peter Fredman, Chairman of the Board at Fredman Group sees Showell as an important tool as they keep on striving for the perfect kitchen.

He found Showell especially useful when they were updating their brand. It was easy to share the content with a new identity to all of the salespeople. That kept their brand solid and unified at all times.

With Showell actually you can have the control and development at the same time

Peter Fredman thanks Showell for the excellent co-operation so far and looks forward to new things in the future.

Showell is a great tool for Fredman sales

With Showell, it is easy to keep all sales collateral updated. Showell is used not only for the customer meetings but also internally as well, tells Sales Manager Tuomo Röppänen.

Tuomo gives Showell a lot of credit for making it easy to share the content and keep all the material relevant all the time. He finds Showell also easy and intuitive to use which makes onboarding a fast and simple process. 

The entire sales team loves Showell

Tuomo Röppänen would recommend Showell for any company that does sales; so practically to every single company.