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How Gaggenau uses Showell to stay on top of other brands

When it comes to home appliances, renowned global appliance brand Gaggenau takes luxury, performance, and craftsmanship to a whole new level. For a business that relies on a large dealer network, Showell brings ease, seamless experience, and efficiency to the table. Hear what Magnus Falk, Marketing Manager at Gaggenau, has to say about how Showell has improved the operations of his team.

Gaggenau is part of the BSH Hausgeräte GmbH (Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte), one  of the largest appliance manufacturers in the world. Gaggenau is in partnership with selected dealers to act as retailers for their products. Because they are in competition with other brands, staying on top of mind against their competitors has been the main challenge. "You can't control them in every detail. You have to influence them", says Magnus. 

"We are fighting for their brain capacity to make them love us and use us as much as possible in their projects."

Stay on top of mind with Showell

Showell enables and empowers sales teams to be their best and as prepared, whenever and wherever they are. For Gaggenau, it is important that relevant and updated content are available to the sales team at the tip of their fingers - yes, even offline.

Gone are the times when large files were lost in emails, various sharing sites, and tracking links. "With Showell, we narrow the universe down... focusing on the content you need to take care of your daily work", Magnus says.

"We have a portal - an app, easily always available focusing on the content you need to take care of your daily work."

No matter what file type - videos, images, presentations, or even 3D models, Showell is able to accommodate to edit, present, and share these files. With Showell, your sales team is equipped to have a seamless and customized sales experience with every potential client - all in just one platform.

Showell Analytics 

With Showell Analytics, you can keep track of when a file is opened and see what sparked your prospect's interest. This allows you to see which content are effective, keeps your content focused to what is used and needed, and guides you to make better data-driven decisions in the long term.

I mostly appreciate the statistics - to know what's hot and what's not hot. What is used and what is not used.

Empower your sales team today

Since the integration of Showell, sales representatives are more updated, can check relevant information quicker, and make better informed sales conversations with the content tracking. Showell accommodates any file type and is compatible with any device, making it even easier to access and tailor your sales content.
Magnus highly recommends Showell for businesses who want to enable their sales team to be more efficient and professional in their day to day work. A platform that is intuitive and easy to integrate, Showell can be customized to optimize the platform according to your team's needs. Book a demo with Showell today or get it for free - forever.