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Showell: A Perfect Match For HangOn’s Digital Strategy

Showell: A Perfect Match For HangOn’s Digital Strategy

HangOn AB is a Swedish company specializing in designing and manufacturing hanging and masking systems for industrial painting and coating processes. The company provides various products and solutions, including hooks, racks, carts, and masking equipment, designed to optimize the efficiency and quality of industrial painting operations.

HangOn systems are used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing to improve production throughout and minimize waste during painting processes. Additionally, HangOn offers customization and consulting services to tailor solutions to specific industrial needs.

The company operates globally, with distributors in more than 40 countries.

In the video below, Andreas Orre, the Commercial Manager of HangOn shares their Showell experience. 



Streamlined Content Management: A Unified Source Of Truth With Showell

HangOn decided to implement Showell to streamline and centralize content management across its dealer network, addressing the need for more efficient sales processes and consistent information distribution.

The key goals included increasing salespeople's productivity by providing them with a unified source of sales materials, and ensuring that presentations, videos, and other resources are always up-to-date and professionally presented.

Showell allows the sales teams to access digital content on all devices, fostering digital transformation within the organization. This approach resolves challenges stemming from inconsistent material across regions and limited extranet accessibility.

Showell helps maintain a single, centralized source of truth, improving communication and collaboration within the sales organization.

From Print to Powerful Digital Sales Tools: How HangOn Uses Showell 

Showell is a big part of HangOn’s digital transformation. In the past, a printed handbook was the main piece of sales material for their organization.

Now, that handbook and every other piece of sales material is in a digital format within Showell. Ready to be viewed, presented, and shared with prospects and customers.

“Showell fits perfectly to our digital strategy. We use it a lot for multimedia, such as video and 3D models. We can also analyze the usage of our material and better understand what is important to our customers.”

Showell centralizes HangOn's global sales content, allowing for easy management of both general materials and localized content specific to each market. This is achieved from a single, central location. Additionally, Showell's built-in analytics provide HangOn with valuable insights into material preferences across different markets.


HangOn Shining at Trade Shows: Showell Powers Global Engagement

HangOn leveraged Showell's capabilities to enhance its presence at industry events like PaintExpo in Karlsruhe, Germany (April 2024). PaintExpo is a leading global event for the industrial coatings industry, attracting a vast audience. It presented a perfect opportunity for HangOn to showcase its solutions.

Showell was available on large touchscreen devices at the booth, where the HangOn representatives could easily pull up relevant material and show that to visitors.

Additionally, HangOn created localized material packages in various languages specifically tailored for different markets.  These packages were then easily shared with visitors through Showell's sharing functionality.

This approach offers several advantages. HangOn representatives could efficiently present the most relevant information to visitors, while Showell's sharing functionality provided valuable insights into which content resonated with attendees. This data empowers HangOn to focus its sales efforts on the most prospective cases, maximizing their post-event follow-up.

HangOn's Journey with Showell:  From Onboarding to Ongoing Success

HangOn became a Showell customer just over a year ago.  The onboarding process was smooth, taking only a few weeks from initial setup to getting most of their sales materials uploaded. To ensure effective use, the entire sales organization then received training on utilizing the platform for customer interactions.

“[Showell] was rather easy to implement with great training and support from the Showell team.”

Showell's impact goes beyond sales interactions.   HangOn utilizes it extensively for internal knowledge sharing. They host multiple webinars throughout the year, using Showell to present materials and house recordings for their distributor network.

For HangOn, Showell serves as a centralized repository for both customer-facing and internal resources. HangOn's diverse use cases showcase the platform's versatility, and they're confident in a long-term, successful partnership with Showell.

"I would recommend Showell to any organization looking to centralize their sales materials, especially to companies with a global distribution network." 


If you are looking to streamline your dealer network content, gain valuable sales insights, and embrace a global digital sales strategy, Showell is the all-in-one sales enablement platform that can help you achieve all of this and more.

Our platform centralizes content for consistent messaging, provides actionable sales analytics for data-driven decisions, equips your team with modern digital tools, and simplifies managing localized content across international markets. Get a free demo or start with Showell Free today and see how Showell can transform your sales efforts.


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