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High-level customer experience in every meeting

How Jokipiin Pellava Delivers the Best Customer Experience

Jokipiin Pellava is an over 100 years old family business that manufactures flax textiles which over 90% is sold to personnel and business gifts. Manufacturing sauna, table setting, and kitchen linen textiles are the special know-how of the company.

How we ever survived without Showell?

Before Showell, each rep of Jokipiin Pellava used their own sales material. So, the quality and the content of those materials varied a lot. The decision to start to use Showell was first and foremost to develop their sales operations. With Showell, they are able to deliver the same high-class customer experience in all customer meetings.

High-class experience for each customer

Mika Sahikallio, Sales Manager of Jokipiin Pellava gives Showell credit for lifting their sales meetings to a new level. They want to deliver their customers an authentic feeling of actually using their products. For that, they use a lot of videos and pictures to bring that magical atmosphere into many times dull meeting rooms.
We bring out the whole experience of a sauna in each meeting

It is very easy for each sales rep to create a unique presentation in Showell for each customer. The sales pitch is always tailored to meet the customer's needs.

The customer feedback has been really positive. According to Mika Sahikallio, they're often asking: "What is that cool tool that you're using?". He recommends Showell for all sales teams that wish to present their supply in a stylish and high-quality way.

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