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Why Showell Ticked All The Boxes For Laborie

When it came to aligning departments across their company, managing extensive distributors, and having powerful presentation tools on hand, Laborie turned to Showell to replace their existing sales enablement tool.

As a leading global medical technology company specializing in Gastroenterology, Urology & Urogynecology, Obstetrics, Gynecology & Neonatal health, Laborie works with an extensive dealer network to distribute its products. For a company that produces products that help clinicians and hospitals improve patient outcomes, they desperately needed a sales tool that could match their specific needs and sales channels.

Hear what Rachel Harmond, Laborie's Senior Director of Global Digital Marketing and Strategic Insights and Maarten Burgers, Laborie's Digital Marketing Manager, had to say about how Showell improved workflows across the board.

Showell: Easy To Use & Adds Value At Every Stage of Selling

When Laborie came to Showell, their biggest challenge was managing their colossal dealer network. This was particularly difficult when attempting to provide up-to-date information promptly to all distributors. With Showell, they now achieve this with a click of a button.

Rachel said it's 'definitely the tool to align your teams. It's the one central location they direct everyone, internal and external, for the latest materials so they can be reassured that that's where they can go to find the information they need.'

These features particularly came in handy as Laborie went through a rebrand; Showell made it effortless to update their distribution partners as they reoriented the brand’s image and strategy. Previously Laborie had all their documents and files stored in several different locations, making it difficult to keep track of where what was and what had been updated. Now with Showell, they have centralized all up-to-date assets for the entire company and distributors to access freely. Showell is now their only database for all marketing and corporate-related materials.

Before Showell, Laborie had no form of analytics to track content. They had no indication if distributors even opened shared content, if it was helpful to prospects or if materials were shared with other users. Now, they can see all these data points, down to which specific users and departments are utilizing their content and how it's being leveraged within sales and marketing.

"It's a powerful feature especially to get sales reps to use the tool so they can see the analytics behind the content they share, they normally would do with just Outlook." - Maarten Burgers

Showell Onboarding

When it came to onboarding new employees and training, the app's usability proved effortless; from their experience, the Laborie team did not get a lot of questions about how to use the app. Additionally, Showell solved an underlying issue they had with a specific file type which they frequently use to educate customers on their products. "It's been a really useful tool to enable the sales team to deliver that interactive training to their customers without any issues or having to use the internet", Rachel shared.

Laborie was looking for a DAM solution that could also cater to files and documents offline, and they found that only Showell was able to cater to their needs. Previously having worked with another sales enablement tool called Solofire, it could only achieve a small part of what they needed; they eventually shifted to Showell, which helped streamline their operations with a system that could be applied globally.

Showell Best Features

Maarten feels that Showell's Presentation Designer is one of the best functions available, stating, "You can easily select pages from multiple files and formats and build it into one presentation. You can also draw and annotate in presentations which is quite useful when you're meeting with customers.

While Rachel feels that the accessible share functions added the most value,

"The multiple ways to share materials…you can immediately see who has opened it and when they opened it. Also, that it can be used on different devices, whenever wherever you are, you can access Showell, and it always tends to be quick, and navigation is intuitive."

Laborie embraces Showell company-wide, and it is now used by all their teams, not just sales. Not only does it create order through a spread-out network, but it's also made communicating with clients a lot more measured and effective. A platform that is intuitive and easy to integrate, Showell can be customized to optimize the platform according to your team's needs. Book a demo with Showell today or get it for free - forever.