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Share Content and Capture Buyer Insights

Easily share files of any type or size, making it a breeze for prospects to access materials of all formats. Say goodbye ๐Ÿ‘‹ to heavy email attachments and hello to buyer engagement tracking and insights.
Sales content sharing

Share Files with a Single Link to Your On-Brand Digital Sales Room

Your prospects can access all the relevant files simply by clicking a link, with no effort. Simply select the files to be shared in the Showell app and create a Digital Sales Room link. Digital Sales Room supports your company's custom domain for added trust and security.
Image of a laptop with digital sales room that is shared with a prospect

Advanced Content Sharing Management

Dictate what content can be shared with clients and which materials are for presentation purposes only. Limit what shared content is 'View Only' and what can be downloaded. Request email address to open, set expiration date and pin code for added security.

Gain Valuable Buyer Insights and Accelerate the Sales Cycle

Understand how your audience interacts with the information you share, see what content resonates with them on a page level, and initiate the next sales steps based on data. No more guessing; take control of your sales pipeline with Showell.

Illustration of shared content can be tracked for better control over sales pipeline

Easy and Secure. You Don't Have to Give One Up for the Other.

With a balance of security and ease of access, participants don't need to create an account to review content โ€”it's as easy as opening a personalized link with a code. There's no simpler way to share large file types or sensitive documents.
Illustration of shared content locked with a PIN code

Highlighted Sharing Features

Share Control
Control which files can be shared with the Digital Sales Room
Restricted Share
Add a pin code to restrict access to confidential or sensitive files
Share Expiration
Determine how long a link or piece of content is accessible for
Engagement Analytics
Track who and how buyers interact with your content and act on signals 

"Showell is a Game Changer"

"I'd recommend Showell to anyone who has a sales team and wants to be able to send out materials in a professional format and wants to give autonomy to the salespeople in a controlled manner."

Hakeem A.Global Category Director, Vernacare

Digital Sales Rooms: Everything You Need to Know

A Digital Sales Room is a branded micro-website where you can share files of any type with your audience. It is a convenient way to keep all relevant information and resources under one hub and in control. 
Illustration of a digital sales room