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Managing Sales Content Made Simple (and Fast)

Eliminate the hassle of managing content in silos. Centralize, organize, synchronize, and authorize your sales collateral with Showell!
Showell's Sales Content Management System

Centralize All of Your Sales Content in One Place

Keep all your sales content in one place for the ultimate ease of access — no more deep diving for content in old emails or cloud storage systems. Store everything you need, including videos, 3D designs, pdfs, images and more, together.

Centralize sales content

Organize Files and Folders How You See Fit

Categorize your sales content by region, product, persona, or stage so it can be easily applied to the sales journey. Take the guesswork out of searching and say goodbye to ambiguous content. This way, everything has a place and a purpose.

Organize content

Synchronize Sales Content in All Devices - No More Outdated Materials

Update all of your content simultaneously across your user's devices. No more fretting over outdated content plaguing the sales funnel. Forget the burden of individually contacting each team, partner, and dealer to keep them in the loop.
Synchronize content

Authorize Document Access by Roles or Teams

Easily manage users within groups to decide who can access what content and perform specific actions. Eliminate the hassle of creating other content repositories for different teams. Content can now live in one place, and roles can be assigned.
Manage users and privileges

"5X Faster Compared to Our Previous System"

“Managing content in Showell is 5X faster than managing content in our previous extranet system. With Showell, we do the same in 15 mins that took us 1 hour earlier."
Marketing Manager
Janika N.Marketing Manager, Stresstech

Highlighted Features

Content structure
Intuitive Structure
A branded folder structure means navigating and finding the appropriate content is intuitive.
Versatile support for file formats
Versatile File Types
Upload PowerPoints, Word documents, PDFs, images, videos, renderings… Just about everything.
Web Links
Add any web link to Showell to make it easy to access online content.
Automatic Updates
Smart push-updates ensure sales representatives have access to all the latest content automatically.
Communication to users
Communicating Changes
Send a notification to designated users when new content becomes available.
User management
Users and Groups
Easily add and manage your Showell users and what groups they belong to.
Access control
Access Control
Easily set permissions of who can access, present, and share certain content.
User Invitations
Easily mass invite users - e.g. when you're working with extensive dealer networks.
Share control
Control which files and documents can be shared with Showell's Digital Sales Room.
Design tools
Design Tools
Change, crop and edit thumbnails and background images.
Tags and keywords
Make content easier to find by adding tags and keywords to files. 
Multiple Showell accounts
Multiple Accounts
Easy to centrally manage multiple Showell accounts with dedicated admins. 

"One of the Best Sales Enablement Platforms"

“It took us just a couple of weeks to get our people onboard and content organized. They can now access all relevant information. It’s one of the best platforms that I’ve seen”.
Product Manager
Teresa C.Product Manager, Vernacare