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Breathe Life into Dull Presentations!

With Showell, you turn boring sales presentations into engaging and interactive experiences that effectively communicate your company value and builts-trust with your buyer. Virtually and live. 🚀

Establish a Professional Appearance with a Branded Sales App

A fully branded sales app helps you present a polished, professional look. Deliver a sales presentation that instills confidence and trust in your potential customers.

Access Content Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Easily access and find all your sales materials with just a few clicks. Showell App is available for download on any device. It also works offline, so you never have to worry about poor internet connections!
Image of laptop and smart phone representing Sales Enablement tool that works on any device

Make Presentation Interactive - Draw, Annotate, or Zoom.

Make your presentation an interactive experience. With Showell, you can annotate or draw on your presentation as you go.

Increase Engagement with Multimedia Elements

Maximize the impact of your pitch and make it memorable. You can use a diverse range of multimedia elements, such as 3D models, animations, augmented reality (AR), and smart sales tools, as part of your value demonstration.
Illustration of different types of immersive and interactive sales presentation formats

Highlighted Features

wifi-off Offline Presenting No internet? No problem! Show the right content any time and anywhere.
tablet-touch-1 Showell App Use on any device: tablet, laptop, smartphone, and online (web browser).
search Smart Search Use powerful search to quickly locate and open the right folder, content, or presentation.
zoom-in-page Zoom In, Zoom Out Zoom in to focus on small but important details or zoom out to navigate within your presentation.
graphic-tablet-draw Drawing & Annotating Draw, underline and highlight to capture the attention of your audience.
controller-360 Augmented Reality & 3D Bring your presentations to life by incorporating interactive augmented reality and 3D content.

"The Latest and Greatest Materials, Always Available"

"Our sales teams always have the latest and greatest material, available to them, even offline, the moment they need it to show that to the customer.”
Digital development manager
Scott D. Digital Development Manager, Sandvik