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Aren't You Tired of Boring Presentations?

Create consistently impressive presentations, made for the digital age! No more clunky demonstrations with tab switching. With Showell, turn your average sales presentation into a Digital Sales Room, virtually or face to face. 🚀

Make tailored and engaging presentations, every time.

Allow salespeople to remix presentations by mixing and matching content that is relevant to their prospects. No more awkwardly skipping slides or having to sit through irrelevant content.
Create your own sales presentations

We cater to any file types you may have.

Present a variety of file formats in one seamless presentation, creating a more engaging experience for clients — no more jumping from tab to window to PDF. You can present videos, images, 3D renderings, and text slides all under one tool.
Present any content

Make it interactive - draw, annotate, or zoom.

Make presenting an interactive experience. With Showell, you can add annotations or draw on your presentation as you walk through it. Zoom in and out on critical points and interact with 3D and augmented reality models.

Your content available anytime, anywhere.

Access your materials through any device via the Showell App. You never have to worry about downloading files or poor connectivity, as you can present from anywhere without the need for an internet connection.
Sales content on any device

Make it look like your brand.

Brand your entire account to reflect your company's values, and create a professional, seamless experience for your customers within the Digital Sales Room and every other touchpoint.

Highlighted Features

wifi-off Offline Presenting No internet? No problem! Show the right content any time and anywhere.
tablet-touch-1 Showell App Use on any device: tablet, laptop, smartphone, and online (web browser).
search Search Use powerful search to quickly locate and open the right folder, content, or presentation.
zoom-in-page Zoom In, Zoom Out Zoom in to focus on small but important details or zoom out to navigate within your presentation.
graphic-tablet-draw Drawing & Annotating Draw, underline and highlight to capture the attention of your audience.
controller-360 Augmented Reality & 3D Bring your presentations to life by incorporating interactive augmented reality and 3D content.
design-monitor-pencil-1 Presentation Creator Create, edit, and share a tailored presentation in minutes by mixing and matching desired slides.
pie-line-graph Slide Designer Add custom slides, like a cover, agenda, or list, into your presentation and edit from within Showell.
Sales manager
Conrad Caldwell Sales Manager, Sleipner
“It’s a great tool. It helps to get your message across. We’ve had great success with the option to share the presentations. Showell makes you look professional.”
Digital development manager
Scott Davis Digital Development Manager, Sandvik
"Our salesmen always have the latest and greatest material, available to them, even offline, the moment they need it to show that to the customer.”