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Gain Sales Superpowers

Showell is a super intuitive and powerful sales enablement platform for presenting, sharing, and tracking your content.

One Place for Your Sales Collateral

Studies show that 65% of reps say they can’t find relevant content. With Showell, sales and marketing finally have one place for storing, managing, and distributing sales collateral. Sleep well knowing that only the latest versions are used and that your brand stays in control.

cloud-file-1 Wide file format support Upload PowerPoints, Word document, PDFs, images, videos.. everything.
cloud-sync Automatic delivery and updates With smart automatic updates, the latest content is always delivered and at hand.
network-users Multi-language support Manage content in multiple languages and deliver to your global sales organization. 

The Best Buyer Experience Wins

When you're properly prepared, your F2F or virtual sales presentations will run more smoothly. You will be able to listen to your customer, react to questions, answer needs, and overcome objections. Consistent and up-to-date brand messaging and visuals help sellers deliver a winning customer experience.

tablet-touch-1 Showell App for all devices

Use Showell on any device: tablet, laptop, smartphone, and web browser.

wifi-off Offline presenting No internet? No problem! Show the right content any time and anywhere.
presentation-projector-screen-settings Tailor your presentation

Create, show, and share a tailored presentation in minutes by picking the right pages or slides.

No more email attachments!

Showell is the ultimate file-sharing tool. Engage and influence customers by sharing relevant, and on-brand content throughout the entire buying journey. 

send-email-3 Simple! Just Send a Link

Select what you want to share and simply send a link via email, LinkedIn, Whatsapp or SMS. Large files are a problem of the past!

ab-testing-award First Class Experience

Customers are taken to a secure and branded online webpage where they can view your presentations, videos and documents.

maps-mark Track Customer Interest With Share Tracking, you can know when your prospect opens your shared content, how they react and what sparks their interest.

Seeing is Believing

You've probably heard that humans can remember and comprehend 80% of information that is seen, compared to 20% of what is read and just 10% what is heard. Having presentations, brochures, videos, but also interactive tools, like ROI calculators, just makes sense - especially in complex B2B sales.

3d-pen-draw-box Zoom & annotate Using Showell is smooth, easy, and fast.  Highlight key points by zooming or making drawings. 
controller-360 Visualize with 3D & AR Bring your presentations to life by show-casing interactive augmented reality and 3D content.
settings-slider Show value on the spot Accelerate sales and elevate customer conversations with smart tools like ROI calculators and lead capture forms. 

Make Sales More Productive

Showell reduces unproductive office work while  increasing active sales time with instant content availability, continuous training and product knowledge. With analytics you get insight how your sales team and content are performing.

monitor-team Team Communication

Let your team know about new products, campaigns and content updates with Showell's communication tools.

hourglass Do More in Less Time Showell is packed with time-saving productivity features such as Presentation Creator, My Files, MS Office editing, Kiosk-mode and more.
pie-line-graph Make Data-Driven Decisions

From Showell Analytics you can see e.g. the most active users, what content is not used at all and what happens to shared content.

Enterprise Features & Security

Showell connects with your existing sales and marketing systems, streamlines your workflow throughout the entire buyer’s journey and provides many other enterprise features and high-level security. 

See Showell in Action

Live Product Demos

Join us for live product demos to quickly learn more what Showell is and how it helps to increase your sales & marketing performance, saves your valuable time and enables every sales rep to deliver winning buying experience.  


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