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Showell is a sales enablement and presentation platform for sales teams. Empower reps to convince buyers in face-to-face or online meetings by activating targeted content.

Customer-facing sales tool

Showell is an easy, lightning fast and powerful sales enablement platform. It gives sales teams instant access to up-to-date sales collateral – empowering sales reps to present and share targeted content based on a customer’s needs.

By activating the right content at the right time, a seller will provide a better buyer experience and influence any decision making. With Showell, continuous learning is easy and efficient.

Hundreds of happy customers

20K+ users, 200+ customers in over 20 countries

Sales content management

Showell provides a central location for storing, managing and distributing presentations, brochures, data sheets, case stories, videos, images. In other words, any sales collateral.

Thanks to Showell’s automated content push delivery, marketing and sales support can be sure that sales teams always have the latest on-brand content with them, anytime and anywhere.

If needed, Showell integrates with any existing file or asset management system for even more centralized content management experience.

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Sales presentations

Showell’s sales presentation app is a powerful tool – helping teams to show convincing presentations in any meeting, even offline. By being able to find the right content, sales reps are always ready to engage customers with captivating and targeted presentations.

Showell is also a great learning environment – speeding up ramp-up time for new reps, while keeping sales teams well prepared. All this creates a winning buyer experience and helps customers to make purchasing decisions faster.

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