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Sell Smarter With Digital Sales Rooms


Digital Sales Rooms are micro websites that facilitate the sales journey under one hub. It makes your buyer's journey far more effortless. Here you can pitch to prospects with content tailored to them. Present, share materials, and track content usage. All in one place!

Sell Smarter With Digital Sales Rooms

3 Reasons Why You Need Showell's Digital Sales Room?

Centralize sales and marketing content management
Centralize Your Content
When you make your buyer's life easier, they'll remember! Centralize your content, and you'll streamline the sales process significantly.
Create digital sales room to show your content
Show What You've Got
Salesmanship takes a little showmanship, which requires modern presentation tools and a savvy platform to help close deals faster.
Track shared content
Track Reactions
Keep your eye on the prize by tracking shared content to get valuable insights into your customers.

Create a Dynamic Shared Space for Your Content

Create greater engagement with a dynamic environment for customers and sales representatives to engage, collaborate, facilitate critical decision-making, and stay informed throughout the entire sales process.
Create Dynamic Digital Sales Room

Deliver an Inspiring and Engaging Buyer Experience

Never-ending email chains and scattered content is so 2000s. Get with the times by organizing all your sales and marketing content for key milestones into a centralized presentation, storage, and sharing tool.
Organize Sales Content into One Place

Track How Your Prospects Interact With Your Content

Keep track of what's been shared by who, who said what and what stage of the sales cycle you're in. More importantly, keep tabs on how your customer engages with your content.
Track how customers are consuming sales and marketing content
Learn more about Digital Sales Rooms here Digital Sales Room: Everything You Need To Know →

Close Deals in Record Time

With Digital Sales Room, embrace a modern, more intuitive way of selling that resonates with today's buyers. Make lasting impressions faster, build strategies using content tracking and close deals in record time.

What Our Customers Say

Conrad C.Sales Manager, Sleipner

"It’s a great tool. It helps to get your message across. We’ve had great success with the option to share the presentations. Showell makes you look professional."

Sales Support & Marketing Supervisor
Sharvon H.Sales Support, Asendia

"Being able to go into Showell and pick and choose what they need in the presentation to customize the offer, has definitely put us in a position to make us more competitive."

Get Your Digital Sales Room Now

You can create a seamless Digital Sales Room for all or any of your customers and start increasing your sales numbers now. Lead them through your buyer's journey, address all their questions, and make sure they have all the tools to understand the value you provide. And you can start with just a single click.