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Personalize Sales Content in a Matter of Minutes

A great sales pitch starts with content that hits the nail on the head. Put together tailored and professional-looking presentations in a few minutes.

Make Tailored and Engaging Presentations Every Time

Allow sellers to remix collateral by mixing and matching only relevant content for each buyer. No more awkwardly skipping slides or having to sit through irrelevant content!

Create your own sales presentations

Combine Various File Formats for Seamless Presentations

A variety of file formats can be combined into one seamless presentation, creating a more engaging experience for clients — no more jumping from tab to window to PDF. You can present videos, images, 3D renderings, and text slides all under one app.

Tailor Presentations in Detail With Showell Slide Designer

Provide your sellers with on-brand, customizable in-app slides that feature limited editing options as determined by you. Control what can and cannot be edited while maintaining a cohesive brand.
Illustration representing slides that can be edited in Showell

Upload Additional Materials to Your Presentation with Ease

You can enable or disable Showell personal file upload for your users.

Support for Microsoft and Google Content Creation Tools

Allow your sellers to edit content effortlessly with the tools they're familiar with.
Illustration of Showell's editing capabilities, integration with Microsoft Office and Google Workspace

Highlighted Features

Smart content search
Powerful Search
Use powerful search to quickly locate and open the right folder, content, or presentation.
Custom presentations
Presentation Creator
Create, edit, and share a tailored presentation in minutes by mixing and matching desired slides.
Custom slides
Slide Designer
Add custom slides, like a cover, agenda, or list, into your presentation and edit from within Showell.

"Showell makes you look professional”

“It’s a great tool. It helps to get your message across. We’ve had great success with the option to share the presentations. Showell makes you look professional.”
Sales manager
Conrad C.Sales Manager, Sleipner