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Showell is visual, fast and easy to use

The resilient beauty forged by a primal relationship with an extreme yet pure and generous Arctic nature is the inspiration at Lumene. Their mission is to bring sustainable Nordic beauty products with wild-crafted potent Nordic ingredients, to consumers looking for naturally luminous beauty.

Lumene has used Showell since 2014. Lumene found Showell to be something that modern sales and presenting tools should be like. As Lumene's sales work is done mostly in retail stores, in between shelves, and Showell is a perfect match for it. It is found to be fast and easy to use and, and when used with iPad, also light to carry with.

Showell is really valuable for us. It is visual, fast and easy to use!

Essential tool for modern sales teams

Lumene says that they have gained both economic and ecological benefits from Showell. Sales meetings are smooth, customer experience on a new level and there is no need for printed material anymore. Showell is an essential tool in a modern digital business environment.

Showell users  

The main users of Showell are regional sales reps who meet buyers in retail stores. They present new products and topical sales campaigns for the particular store chain. Another group of users is in-store beauty consultants and sales promoters.

Brand is everything

Lumene also praises the visual look and feel of Showell and they highly recommend Showell for any businesses who want to make sure that their brand is presented in the best light, not only in marketing but also in sales.