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Ottobock's transition from local solution to global sales enablement platform

From Limited Local Tool to Showell's Advanced Global Sales Enablement Platform

Ottobock, based in Germany, is a pioneer in Orthopaedics technology. Renowned as the world leader in prosthetics, they are also key players in supplying orthotics, wheelchairs, and exoskeletons. With operations spread across 60 global locations, Ottobock stands at the forefront of enhancing mobility and improving lives. Ottobock selected Showell as their Sales Enablement tool, a choice that enhanced the capabilities of not only their sales teams but also their healthcare professionals, facilitating more effective engagement with prospects and clients.

Watch and listen to Charles Henry and Xavier Cocardon, Business Development Managers at Ottobock, as they discuss how Showell has made a significant improvement in their business.


The Problem

Local Solution Falls Short for Global Requirements

Previously, Ottobock relied on a locally developed solution to distribute up-to-date materials to orthoprosthetists, doctors, and sales teams. Crafted by a French partner, this system had limitations and faced restrictions in its development due to resource constraints.

Ottobock recognized the clear need for a more robust global solution, one that wasn't hindered by platform restrictions, offered room for future growth, and would come up with continuous improvements. 

The Solution and Impact

Ottobock's decision to start with Showell marked a significant turning point. Showell's platform serves two distinct Ottobock user groups - field sales personnel and healthcare professionals like doctors and orthoprosthetists. Both of them have their unique requirements which Showell can easily fulfill. 

Ottobock's sales enablement platform

Improved Effectiveness Through Centralized Content

Ottobock uses Showell to deliver a wide variety of content like presentations, brochures, videos, and images. The platform operates seamlessly, consolidating all their content, including links to external sources, into one unified system. According to Ottobock, this is the key aspect of Showell's effectiveness.

Enhancing Patient Care with Positive Ecological Impact

Charles Henry, Ottobock's Business Development Manager, highlighted Showell's role in harmonizing sales communication, simplifying processes, and strengthening their collective approach, ultimately benefiting patient care.

Xavier Cocardon, patient care business development manager, adds that this shift to a digital-centric approach led to enhanced work efficiency and ecological benefits, thanks to reduced manual labor and ending the distribution of printed materials.

Solution for Training and Learning 

Showell not only supported Ottobock's external content delivery but also became an integral part of their internal training and learning framework.

Sales presentation

The Best Features of Showell

Ottobock's experience with Showell spotlighted several key features that stood out:

  • Fast and easy search: this feature has been particularly beneficial for new users, allowing them to quickly locate necessary information.
  • Intuitive admin tools: Showell's user-friendly interface for content management significantly eases the workload of administrators.
  • Insightful analytics: the analytics feature offers a clear view of platform usage, helping Ottobock understand of platform usage, how newly added content is received, and content effectiveness in the field.

Successful Onboarding

Ottobock says that the onboarding of Showell was very successful. They especially appreciated that the training was held in French by Showell. This seemingly small detail significantly aided in the smoother adoption of the tool by all users. The positive reception and adoption of Showell signals the future success of the platform.

In conclusion, Charles and Xavier of Ottobock strongly recommend Showell, praising it as "100% go for, it's a super tool". They advocate for its adoption, highlighting its wide-ranging advantages and effectiveness.

About Showell

Showell is a sales enablement software that simplifies your sales process by providing easy access to necessary content. It eliminates unnecessary hurdles and allows all customer-facing professionals to focus on engaging prospects and clients.

With the Showell App for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, sales collateral is accessible even offline. That is crucial for meetings that can take place anytime and anywhere.

Further, Showell provides control over the content that sales teams use, ensuring that only approved content is used and that branding and messaging are consistent. 

Ready to enhance your sales content usage? Book a product demo and experience the power of Showell yourself.

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