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How Ponsse Improved Dealer Sales Through Product Training

Ponsse stands at the forefront of the forestry machinery industry, recognized worldwide for its advanced cut-to-length forest machines. Operating in over 40 countries, Ponsse is committed to driving customer success with high-performance machinery and comprehensive services.

Discover Ponsse's perspective on how Showell, a sales enablement platform helped improve the effectiveness of product training, thereby enhancing the sales abilities of the company's dealer sales and service network worldwide. Hear what sales training manager, Antti Räsänen has to say about Showell. 

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The Problem: Keeping Pace with Growth and Product Complexity


For a company like Ponsse, which relies heavily on its extensive network of partners in addition to its own salespeople, maintaining a strong presence in their minds and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively communicate the value of their products to potential buyers is crucial.

As Ponsse expanded its global footprint and diversified its product line, the challenge of keeping its sales force and dealer network well-informed and proficient in the latest product features and technical nuances grew exponentially.

"After a period of quite strong growth...we were conquering new areas of the world...and also expanding the product range. There were certain challenges in the sales network, with new salesmen and new products. And that needed a solution."

The absence of a centralized sales training platform meant that sales materials were often outdated or inaccessible, hindering the ability of sales personnel to effectively communicate the value and capabilities of Ponsse's products to potential buyers.

The Solution: A Global Sales Enablement Platform for Supporting and Training Sales Teams

In response to this challenge, Ponsse turned to Showell, a global sales enablement platform designed to bridge the knowledge gap. Showell enabled Ponsse to deliver current, relevant sales materials readily available to its internal and external sellers, anytime, anywhere.

This platform empowered Ponsse's sales teams and global network of partners with instant access to technical details, interactive 3D content, images, and videos, enabling them to showcase the products in their best light during client meetings.

"I want to say thank you to the developers. It’s been a pleasure to use the system, and I’ve been really happy with the support" -Antti Räsänen


Empowering Ponsse: Showell's Strategic Role in Equipping Sellers

Showell's integration into Ponsse's ecosystem was seamless, enhancing the flow of information across the organization and fostering a culture of trust through transparent analytics on team and content performance.

The platform's ease of use and the support provided were highly praised by Ponsse's sales training manager, Antti Räsänen, who lauded Showell for its instrumental role in improving product training effectiveness. This, in turn, has significantly bolstered the sales capabilities of Ponsse's global dealer and service network, marking a new chapter in Ponsse's story of customer success and innovation.

In this journey, Showell has not just been a tool but a strategic partner, enabling Ponsse to navigate the complexities of global sales and technical training with ease and efficiency. The collaboration between Ponsse and Showell exemplifies how the right technology and partnership can elevate a company's ability to educate its sales force, enhance customer interactions, and ultimately drive sales growth.

See how Showell can enable your internal sales team and global partner network by booking a demo with us or get Showell free.

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