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How Does Ponsse Improve Dealer Sales Through Product Training?

Ponsse is a top producer of cut-to-length forest machines worldwide. With a presence in over 40 countries, Ponsse aims to assist its customers in achieving success through productive, dependable machines and services. The company is listed on Nasdaq OMX Nordic.

Generating More Sales Through Better Product Training 

Discover Ponsse's perspective on Showell and how it improves the effectiveness of product training, thereby enhancing the sales abilities of the company's dealer sales and service network worldwide. Hear what sales training manager, Antti Räsänen has to say about Showell. 

For a company like Ponsse, which relies heavily on its extensive network of partners in addition to its own salespeople, maintaining a strong presence in their minds and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively communicate the value of their products to potential buyers is crucial.

The Challenge: Up-to-date Product Knowledge Without a Dedicated Training Platform

As Ponsse saw significant growth across various territories and expanded its product offerings, the need for a more robust product training platform became apparent. The pressure to train both existing and new salespeople to effectively sell and understand the technical complexities of the machines and accompanying services only intensified.

"As we experienced strong growth and expanded our product offerings, it became evident that we needed a solution for training our new salespeople on the technicalities of our machines and services."

The lack of a dedicated sales training tool resulted in product sales materials that were not always current and readily accessible for salespeople and dealers when required. 

The Solution: A Global Sales Enablement Platform for Supporting and Training Sales Teams

Ponsse selected Showell as its sales enablement platform primarily to improve product knowledge among its employees and global network of partners. The ability to have current, relevant sales materials readily available 24/7 during client negotiations is highly valuable. Salespeople can quickly reference technical details and utilize interactive 3D content, images, and videos to demonstrate the product during meetings.

"I want to say thank you to the developers. It’s been a pleasure to use the system, and I’ve been really happy with the support" -Antti Räsänen

Ponsse has seamlessly integrated Showell into its other systems, resulting in a smooth flow of information across the entire organization. That and Showell's capability to produce transparent analytics data of how different teams and content perform increases trust within the company.

Sales training manager, Antti Räsänen, highly recommends Showell to other companies and praises its ease of use.

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