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How Ponsse Convinces Customers and Makes Training Easier

Ponsse is one of the leading manufacturers of cut-to-length forest machines in the world. It has operations in over 40 countries with a mission to contribute to its customers’ success with productive and reliable forest machines and services.

Many times it's more convincing to show things in videos and pictures than just saying them, Antti Räsänen, Ponsse

Show, Don't Tell

Antti Räsänen a Manager for Sales Training at Ponsse finds Showell a very beneficial sales enablement tool. With Showell, all of the materials are always up-to-date and literally at hand for each sales rep and partner all over the world. Many times, as Antti claims, it is more convincing to show things with videos and pictures than just saying something.

Tool for in-house training

And this isn't handy just when explaining the product itself to the customers but also for in-house training. It makes training much easier when you can rely on the fact that there is always deeper knowledge available.

Integrated with other systems 

Ponsse has also integrated Showell into their other systems - which makes the information flow fluently across the whole organization. That makes the data about the performance of different teams transparent which increases trust throughout the company.

I definitely want to say thank you to the developers. It's been a pleasure to use the system, and I've been really happy with the support from you guys.

Antti would recommend Showell to other companies also and praises especially the Showell development team that has been easy and responsive to work with.