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With Showell, anyone can be a Sandvik sales guy. See how Scott Davis from Sandvik tells what else Showell has brought in to Sandvik sales team.

Well prepared team gets more done

Sandvik is a global engineering company that operates in over 160 countries with about 40.000 employees. Since Sandvik started to use Showell they have seen an increase in sales. The reason is basically that now they have their sales reps better prepared in the frontline.

When Showell was selected as a sales tool - one key factor was that it was easy for both the own sales team and distributor network to get into the platform. For Sandvik, it is crucial that it is easy for distributors to sell their products.

All the material they need is in hand with them when they're in front of the customer. 

Sandvik equips not only all the salespeople with Showell but also their service team as well. The idea is that the sales make the first deal, but the service team is the ones that get the customers to come back time and time again.

Modern sales with AR 

Sandvik products are many times huge. That means that getting a customer actually see the product can be tricky. For example, bringing a 30-ton mobile crusher into a fair is a big and expensive project.

With Showell's built-in AR features Sandvik can show customers life-size models almost anywhere. The customer gets to do an actual product walk-through through sales reps iPhone or iPad anywhere, anytime. Or full-size model can be scaled down on top of the coffee table and be zoomed around there.

Anybody can be a sales rep with Showell 

With Showell, Sandvik sales reps are equipped with all the information about all their products. That helps them to serve customers better - even if they are asking questions about different products that the rep was first prepared to tell about.

That initial pitch to the customer is the most important. If you are unprepared, the customer gets an opportunity to go elsewhere. 

Because of Showell Sandvik can take care that all the sales reps, distributors, and service guys have everything they need with them all the time. With Showell, anyone can be Sandvik sales guy in the frontline.