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Showell replaced Showpad as Sleipner's sales enablement tool

Why Sleipner Chose Showell to Replace Showpad as their Sales Enablement Tool

Sleipner manufactures products that help you to move huge tracked machines and equipment faster than you ever thought was possible. Sleipner is a global company and they use Showell all around the world with their dealers. Showell replaced a similar sales enablement tool, Showpad, that Sleipner used earlier. 


Show and share visual presentations

Sales Manager Conrad Caldwell is responsible for sales in UK and Ireland. He praises the Showell sales enablement tool for the ability to easily show and share visual presentations that contain videos and pictures.

In Sleipner everyone from junior sales through to the top management uses Showell. It's a great tool, it really is. It gets your message across.

Showell is a crucial part of Sleipner’s sales process that is often complex and buying journey can be long. Each step of the journey requires different materials that can be easily presented and shared using Showell. According to Conrad Caldwell, you can quickly create a tailored presentation while in a meeting with a customer and send it to them right away. 

Showell replaced Showpad 

Sleipner chose Showell to replace Showpad as their sales enablement tool.

Before Showell, Sleipner was using an alternative tool, Showpad, but when they saw Showell, they decided to switch to it because it offered them a more intuitive and professional-looking user experience, better cost-efficiency, and a lot higher return on investment. 

Conrad recommends Showell to any company that wants to approach customers with confidence and a professional appearance.

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