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Sales enablement for financial services

How Talenom Streamlined Sales Content Management with Showell

Talenom states that it is an accounting company that truly cares about its clients. It promises to serve them in simple language, providing traditional services in a modern way. It is established in 1972 has a strong growth history and is listed in Nasdaq Helsinki.

Before Showell, all sales material was done manually at Talenom. The sales team used mainly PowerPoint to create presentations and the problem was that the right content was difficult to find. Sometimes their people didn't even know where to start looking.

Showell makes you look professional and it makes your life easy. It makes your salespeople happy.

Teemu Tuovinen, controller at Talenom tells how Showell has helped their sales team to perform better. If the material was easily lost before, now all content is in one place and easily available. Basically what you have to do is just open your laptop, and that's it, Tuovinen explains.

With Showell, you're ready to go

Talenom has integrated Showell into their CRM system which makes many customer-related before manual tasks automated. That of course saves a lot of time. Time savings is the top benefit that Teemu Tuovinen brings up about Showell.
Sales reps can actually do, what they are here to work for 

Teemu Tuovinen would recommend Showell to everyone that wants to take their sales organization to the next level.