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Sales Enablement that brings the wow effect

How Showell Modernizes Valtra's Global Sales and Brings the Wow Effect

Valtra's tractors are sold in 75 countries around the world. Mikko Lehikoinen, VP of Sales and Marketing at Valtra tells how Showell has developed their sales and how it is used in their company. 

Sales guys just love Showell

Valtra uses Showell in sharing sales material all over the globe but also to tailor native accounts anywhere in the world. Valtra is a global tractor manufacturer that operates in over 75 countries all over the world. Valtra is a worldwide brand of AGCO.

In this interview, Mikko Lehikoinen, Managing Director, Valtra EME at Valtra Inc.*  tells how Showell has a big part in how they are modernizing Valtra's global sales. And how sales guys and distributors just love Showell.

Everything is in one place and it works like a charm!

Valtra started using Showell in 2014. Before that Valtra was operating quite traditionally in sales - printing brochures and trying to spread those around the globe. Compared to that everything is so easy with Showell - just upload the material to Showell and every sales rep anywhere can start using the content immediately.

Valtra is going digital

Before Showell Valtra used brochures and did product launches in a quite traditional way. Now managing and sharing content is a lot easier and faster. All the content is immediately shared all over the world and a task that used to take a long time is now done in minutes. On the other hand, the content is also easily localized to different markets.

Always when we have a new member entering our Valtra family, we start with Showell. They're always like WOW!

Mikko Lehikoinen would recommend Showell to anyone that has a complex network, has people working abroad, or a network that is from 10 people to like Valtra's to hundreds of people.

*Mikko Lehikoinen's updated title from the time of the interview, VP of Sales & Marketing at Valtra EME.

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