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Key Features for Users

Showell empowers every salesperson to deliver inspiring and personalized presentations virtually and face-to-face. Even offline. 

tablet-touch-1 Showell App

Use on any device: tablet, laptop, smartphone and online (web browser).

Offline Offline presenting No internet? No problem! Show the right content any time and anywhere.
compass-1 Easy navigation Branded folder structure means navigating and finding the right content is intuitive.
search Search Use search to quickly locate and open the right folder, content or presentation.
navigation-button-right Smooth page shifts Horizontal page shifting makes Showell feel natural and work smoothly.
zoom-in-page Zoom in, zoom out

Zoom in to focus on small details or zoom out to navigate within your presentation.

graphic-tablet-draw Drawing & annotating

Draw, underline, highlight and capture the attention of your audience. 

presentation-projector-screen-settings Presentation Creator

Create, show and share a tailored presentation in minutes by picking the right pages or slides.   

os-system-microsoft-1 MS Office editor Open and edit your PowerPoint, Excel and Office documents from within Showell. 
3d-box-expand AR and 3D Bring your presentations to life by show-casing interactive augmented reality and 3D content.
paginate-filter-picture Slideshow Simply open a folder full of files and start a stunning slideshow with the tap of a finger. 
design-monitor-pencil-1 Slide Designer Add custom slides (e.g. cover, agenda, list) straight to your presentation and edit from within Showell.