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Content Sharing is Easier Than Ever.

Easily share files of any type or size, making it a breeze for prospects to access materials of all formats without having to download additional software. Say goodbye to multiple heavy email attachments, zip files or third-party sharing portals! 👋

Control how your shares are accessed.

Dictate what content can be shared with clients and which materials are for presentation purposes only. Limit what shared content is 'View Only' and what can be downloaded.

Accessing shared content is just a click away.

Prospects are able to access all file types simply by clicking a link, with no effort on their part. Simply select the files to be shared and create a Digital Sales Room link.

Easy and secure. You don't have to give one up for the other.

With a balance of security and ease of access, participants don't need to create an account to review content —it's as easy as opening a personalized link with a code. There's no simpler way to share large file types or sensitive documents.

Highlighted Features

social-profile-network Share Control Simple to control which files and documents can be shared with the Showell Share Center.
password-lock-1 Restricted Share Add a uniquely generated code to restrict access to confidential or sensitive files.
time-clock-hand Lifetime share Determine how long a link or piece of content is accessible for.
network-users Advanced Share Share a Digital Sales Room link with a tracking code to gain valuable insights.
Global Digital Marketing
Rachel Harmond Director of Digital Marketing, Laborie
“It’s the one place we direct everyone to for the latest materials. So, the sales teams and all other departments can be reassured that that's where they need to go to find the information. It's that one central location for us."
Sales & Marketing Director
Hakeem Adebiyi Sales & Marketing Director, Vernacare
“Showell is a game-changer for anyone who has a sales team and any sort of distribution network and wants to be able to send out materials in a professional format and give autonomy to the salespeople in a controlled manner."